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Financial Fools Day--Pittsburgh Solidarity with Resistance to G20 Summit
by Pittsburgh Organizing Group Sunday, Mar. 15, 2009 at 9:13 PM

Rally and March in solidarity with resistance to G20 Summit Wednesday, April 1 4:00 pm, Pittsburgh’s Market Square

Financial Fools Day-...
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Financial Fools Day--
Pittsburgh Solidarity with Resistance to G20 Summit

Rally and March
Wednesday, April 1

4:00 pm, Pittsburgh’s Market Square—Forbes Avenue and Market Street, Downtown

After decades of deregulation and corporate-led globalization, financial markets around the world have collapsed. Major stock indexes have lost nearly half their value, banks have gone bankrupt, and commodity prices have plummeted. And while the bankers and executives continue to buzz around the world in private jets, raking in millions in salaries, stock options, and perks, it's us workers and ordinary people who are feeling the blow.

Unemployment rates are skyrocketing and more families are being forced from their homes by foreclosure than ever before; wage rates are plummeting as workers are seeing their pensions disappear and healthcare costs rise out of reach. From Kimberly, Wisconsin, to Granite City, Illinois, community after community is being rocked by this economic collapse.

And after perpetrating the most devastating economic collapse in 80 years, the neoliberal masterminds that built the failed global financial system want another opportunity to construct a system that exploits us for their gain. This April, the G20, the leaders of the world’s largest economic powerhouses, will meet in London to remake world’s financial markets. They are hoping to build a new global financial system that will allow multinational corporations rake in profits at the expense of people and our shared earth.

But as we face down the daunting impacts of this collapse, we come together to say that we will not let them do this again. We won’t let these fools rebuild their corporate playground and we won’t let them devastate our communities again.

On April 1, join us to say that any economic system that puts profits before people and our environment is foolish! We’ll meet for a brief rally at 4:00pm in Pittsburgh’s Market Square before marching through the city center, and visiting the offices of some major purveyors of corporate globalization—PNC Bank, the Federal Government, Payday Lenders, Mellon Bank, and our local city and country government.

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March Route
by Pittsburgh Organizing Group Sunday, Mar. 15, 2009 at 9:13 PM

March Route...
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