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Chevron, BP push Sarah Palin as Condoleezza Rice's successor
by Sea Shepherd Supporter Monday, Sep. 08, 2008 at 1:49 PM

Sarah Palin helps Chevron pollute beluga whale habitat

Chevron, BP push Sarah Palin as Condoleezza Rice's successor

The Palin administration has allowed Chevron (formerly Texaco, the company which put Condoleezza Rice on their board.. Chevron which hired Karzai of Afghanistan as an adviser to
help with their pipeline ambition in that country) to triple the amount of toxic waste it pours into the waters of Cook Inlet. This, even though the number of beluga whales in the bay has collapsed from 1,300 to 350 – the point of extinction – because of illegal whale killing, pollution and increased ship traffic ...

1 British Petroleum BP underwrote Palin's inauguration after helping her go from a small town
mayor (616 votes of 4635 in her first election) to governor.
2 BP employs her husband.
3. Palin vetoed a wind farm and replaced it with a half billion dollar grant
to whichever oil firm might get the Alaska pipeline corporate welfare subsidy


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