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McCain picks prowar, prodrilling huntress as running mate.
by ARC Friday, Aug. 29, 2008 at 6:27 PM

McCain's running mate choice is pro war, pro drilling in Alaska, a woman who calls herself prolife while gutting the moose she shoots, a woman who wants polar bears removed from the endangered species list.

McCain picks huntress as running mate.


Sarah Palin is a supporter of the violent illegal wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan.


Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska
lifetime member of the NRA
and supporter of the brutal Iditarod
is the choice of John McCain.

Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, says she loves hunting and fishing.

Worldwide, the animal rights community has tried to convince her
to end the aerial massacre of wolves from helicopters in Alaska.

She has hunted for moose and guts them herself.
(gut: when a verb means to knife into an animal's body to eviscerate her)

She calls environmentalists 'extreme environmentalists' and
has tried to have the polar bear removed from the endangered
species list (perhaps for trophy seeking hunters).

Before she took office, she was owner of a commercial fishing
company. Commercial fisheries are the chief drive behind
the clubbing of seals in Canada, Norway, and S Africa.
The killing of Pribilof Island seals was cancelled.

She advocates the rape of Alaska wilderness in ANWAR for oil.


A Palin staffer pressured a boss to fire state trooper Mike Wooten, who was locked in a child-custody battle with Palin's sister.

The governor was flown to Dayton in the corporate jet of one of
the neocon backers of John McCain (such as jets of Rupert
Murdoch, Paxson, and Michael Bloomberg).

Alaskans pay more than $4 a gallon for gas while the
government of Alaska sells Alaskan oil to Japan and elsewhere.


Palin has only 2 years as a governor and a stint as a small town


While Sarah Palin supports the right to bear arms, those
who continue Cleveland Amory's mission support his
plan to 'arm bears'.


Her husband works in the oil business on the North
Slope. She is a supporter of the war in Iraq, has encouraged
her son to enlist for the war in Iraq. She gave birth in the
last 12 months to a Downs syndrome baby.

Palin is a member of the 'prolife' movement.

In the past she participated in the meat markets
known as state beauty contests. She was on the cover
of the deforesting Vogue magazine, which encourages
conspicuous consumption of ephemeral 'fashion'.

Please tell us Sarah Palin
as the full moon was palin
How many women animals
have you been impalin?

How many
pregnant deer wombs
did you turn
into tombs?

With your prolife badge and
smoking rifle did you appear
terrorizing the gentle ones
as they ate gold pears.

How many bullets
'prolife' Sarah Palin
have you sent
innocent bears' cerebellums?

How many bones have you
left behind
for future palintologists?

As part of the Cheney Bush hunter lobby in neocon media,
Ted Nugent who calls himself that oxymoron a Christian bowhunter,
whose work is published by Lucianne Goldberg, coconspirator
with Linda Tripp, will be on neocon tv.

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