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The REAL Reason Bush and Cheney Will Not Be Impeached
by Dr. Peter Stern Friday, Jan. 04, 2008 at 2:11 AM (email address validated)

Okay, folks, you can stop scratching your heads in bewilderment and wringing your hands in despair. Here's the REAL reason there will be no impeachment proceedings against any of the administration:

Apparently, it's more than the GOP who do not what their administration impeached. It's also the liberal "commie-pinkos" who do not want to pursue impeachment. Those such as: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and others.

So, why isn't our government pursuing the impeachment process?

Okay, enough of the ongoing dismay and consternation by most of the American people. Exactly why isn't there more of a "push" for action against the current administration?

I have been considering many logical reasons, but I continue to come back to the most reality-based issue.

The reason most of our Congress does NOT want to pursue any action against the president and administration is because it would create a deadly political and economic tsunami that would encircle many more individuals and organizations than merely Bush and Cheney.

"Fingering" the administration would also mean the public identification, humiliation and legal actions against many wealthy individuals, corporations and even governments throughout the world.

Look, let's face it. Our elected officials are NOT going to do anything that will impede the ongoing wealthy campaign contributions and perks they receive and going after Bush and his administration most assuredly would open more "war wounds" that are NOT in the best interests of our legislators.

Wealthy big business now manages and operates this nation.

Powerful corporations have bought the best government money can buy and they aren't going to lose their grip on the U.S. just because Bush and the administration have come "under the gun" for their criminal behavior.

Big business could care less about making the president accountable for his actions because business is the power that determined the administration's objectives and actions. Bush is only the "pawn" of wealthy special interests. He is a means to the end. Bush is expendable because he has done his job and his term is nearly completed.

Consequently, we can forget about our Democratic Representative Government, Constitution, any sort of justice, accountability and impeachment actions --- even if those actions are genuinely warranted --- which they are.


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