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Harrisburg activist abused by police
by Kimberly Wilder Sunday, Sep. 09, 2007 at 6:00 PM

Activist Diane White was attending her local block party. A policeman arrived and questioned celebrants, who were behaving peacefully and had a permit for the event. The policeman pulled Diane White to the side, abused her, pepper-sprayed her, and handcuffed her. There is still no police report. Yet, Diane White was charged. Public Meeting on September 11th.

Harrisburg activist ...
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Diane White: Police abuse and the media

My name is Kimberly Wilder. I am a friend and colleague of Diane White. Diane White is an activist from Harrisburg, PA. She is also active in the Green Party. Recently, Diane helped organized a "Dismantling Racism" workshop at the Green Party Annual National Meeting in Reading, Pennsylvania. Diane White is also active in the Green Party's national Black Caucus. And, she is a leader in her community, advocating and organizing on many levels.

On September 1st, Diane White was attending an ACORN sponsored block party in Harrisburg. Despite the fact that the neighbors had a permit, and Diane was doing nothing wrong, Diane White was falsely arrested and hurt by a police officer.

Unfortunately, when Diane and her supporters try to get the press to write about the situation, they can’t, because the press can’t confirm it happened, because there is no police report filed.

Hopefully the activist community and the independent media can come through for Diane. I have some information and requests from her below. Also, Diane gave me some digital photos of her wounds. If anyone wants to publish the photos, or has a reporter that needs them, please contact me at: votewilder at yahoo dot com and I will try to arrange something.

Latest e-mail from Diane White:

Here are some photo from my digital. My back, my neck and my swollen ankle is the main source of pain. There are no pictures for that.

Others have taken pictures, but I don’t have them.

There has been no press coverage of this incident because there is no criminal complaint or police report in the system. As long as the event has not been documented the story cannot be substantiated by the media. However, I have been assured by the Chair of Public Safety, Patti Kim that she and other members of city council will get to the bottom of this. They cannot intervene in the courts, but they can call for an investigation and they have done so.

We are planning to attend the city council meeting en masse on Tuesday, 9-11 to ask Council to put an end to Police Brutality/Terrorism in the Community. [For meeting information, go to:]

I have the support of the members of ACORN, however it is still up in the air about where the organizers are coming from. But ACORN is supposed to be run by its members and I have been assured by the members that they are with me. The politicians are playing politics as usual.

Again thanks for your continued support.

By the way, if any of you are journalist or writers please help me make some noise. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper or send out a press release call for an end to Police Brutality/Terrorism in OUR Communities and Drop the Charges related to the Illegal Arrest of Diane White!

Peace, Blessings & One Love,

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