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BASTILLE DAY in Harrisburg with Ramona Africa: Paroling the MOVE 9 in 2008
by BE47 Monday, Jul. 16, 2007 at 11:25 AM

Ramona Africa spoke in Harrisburg on July 14, "Bastille Day." She gave a wonderful history of the MOVE organization and gave a clear description of why the eight surviving MOVE 9 prisoners must be released from Pennsylvania's prison system in 2008. And why they need to be granted a new, fair trial. They have all been in jail for 300 years for one bullet, the sentencing judge admits he has no idea who who fired it. Yet they are all serving his 30-100 years sentence. Many are certain the bullet was actually fired by police, a horrible instance of "friendly fire." This "bastille Day" talk by Ramona is one of the best talks I have ever heard her give [and she sets a pretty high standard!]. Full extended versions of this talk should be available soon on CD. But for now, if you missed her talk, stream this! Peace if you can help finance the MOVE 9 legal defense, please make checks out to "MOVE." the address is: MOVE P.O. Box 19709  Philadelphia, PA 19143

QuickTime movie at 20.3 mebibytes

Ramona gives a wonderful, detailed history of the MOVE organization and tells us why the dedicated eight surviving MOVE 9 prisoners need released in 2008 on probation. And why they all need a new, fair trial.

TYPE-O: "30" years each, not "300"
by BE47 Tuesday, Jul. 24, 2007 at 1:30 AM

TYPE-O: "30&quo...
merle.jpg, image/jpeg, 70x103

i meant to say "30" years instead of "300." must have hit an extra zero. actually, they are serving their 30th year right now. they will have served 30 years in august of 2008. and if they are not given parole, they will all be looking at 70 more years!!! 9 people for ONE bullet, a bullet that the judge has said publicly he has no idea who shot! yet he sentenced them all to 30 to one hundred years each [????!!!!] pure racism, pure political persecution.

FREE THE MOVE 9 IN 2008!!!

and get them all new, fair trials here in Pennsylvania.

go to and click on each of the MOVE 9's pictures to hear their story in their words. may the young mother and revolutionary Merle Africa rest in Peace. merle died in prison 5 years ago from stomach problems. but her words and ideas live on. click on her picture at the web site to read her story.

MP3 Version, instead of Quicktime
by BE47 Sunday, Jul. 29, 2007 at 12:30 AM

audio link: MP3 at

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This MP3 version of Ramona's talk may be easier for some folks to listen to.

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