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by Colin Huwyler Saturday, Apr. 21, 2007 at 5:47 AM (email address validated) 412-894-8184 223 Braddock Ave Braddock PA 15104

Braddock finds itself home to many new biofuels projects including: Fossil Free Fuel, a vegetable oil fuel system company, Braddock Biofuels CO-OP, a community scale biofuels cooperative fueling station and a biofuels resource center.

Fossil Free Fuel LLC

223 Braddock Ave

Braddock PA 15104

Phone: 412-894-8184





Braddock finds itself home to many new biofuels projects including: Fossil Free Fuel, a vegetable oil fuel system company, Braddock Biofuels CO-OP, a community scale biofuels cooperative fueling station and a biofuels resource center.

The once flourishing Borough of Braddock was home to 20,000 residents, movie theaters, breweries and had a flourishing business district; that time however is long gone. Braddock's existence now sits among ruins, home to only a small fraction of its original population and its business district now defunct. Not a pretty picture but the present image of Braddock is on its way out. Braddock has begun its chrysalis; transforming from dwindling municipality to once again flourishing community. Land-marking this change began with the election of Mayor John Fetterman and his efforts to revitalize the area. In addition to the influx of artists, urban farmers and community organizers, Braddock has now become the regions biofuels hotspot. Fossil Free Fuel is a noteworthy new presence revitalizing the face of Braddock's historic business district.

Fossil Free Fuel designs and installs fuel systems for vehicles (and equipment) with diesel engines to allow them to operate on waste vegetable oil. Proprieted by Colin Huwyler and David Rosenstraus, Fossil Free Fuel has been in business since 2003 in the Allentown area and recently relocated to Braddock. When asked about Braddock Huwyler said, "It was difficult to uproot the business and move across the state. However once we came and met with John, toured the area with Nathaniel Doyno of Steel City Biofuels (a biofuels education nonprofit) and spent some time in Braddock, we knew what potential the area had. We knew we needed to be here to help carve the new Braddock. As a society we need to transform our current dependence on imported fossil fuels to locally produced renewable fuels and I can't see a better place to begin that transition than Braddock. It's pioneering a new vision of urban revitalization. As a business we're working to establish a new vision of community, and reshape the car culture perspective towards a path to a sustainable future. Through biofuels, arts, sustainability, and community, Braddock is becoming an example for neighborhoods everywhere."

Fossil Free Fuel will be opening its doors May 1st at 223 Braddock Ave. The 9,000sf location will be home to Fossil Free Fuel's operations which include a design studio for system engineering and testing, fabrication shop for their custom components, two full service automotive bays' for system installation and vehicle maintenance as well as a retail storefront and customer lounge. This location will also host partner projects including a biofuels resource center with library, educational classroom and community biofuels cooperative. Fossil Free Fuel hopes to partner with a local university for biofuels research; plans are currently underway for an onsite biofuels lab to monitor emissions, performance, and testing of new biofuels technology.

Upcoming events:

April 30th from 6-9pm "Meet and Greet"

Fossil Free Fuel will be opening its doors with a ceremonial ribbon cutting at 6pm followed by a brief informational overview; an installed example of their fuel system will be on display. This event is for anyone interested in learning more about Fossil Free Fuel's system and operations, biofuels in general, synergistic projects in the region and the new developing face of Braddock. Come enjoy beverages and light snacks while becoming active in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

May / July / September - Basic Mechanics and Biofuels For Women

Class instructor and director Gina Favano received a Seed Award from the Sprout Foundation in support of a three-tiered workshop series. The first session will focus on basic maintenance and repair, with an overview of the differences between bio-diesel and straight vegetable oil technology. This class will be offered free of charge. The next two classes, which will take place in the summer and fall, offer a more intensive alternative fuels concentration and will involve a small fee. Participants in the second class will convert a vehicle to run on waste vegetable oil. Participants in the third class will build a small bio-diesel processor. The three classes, which are each divided into four weekly sessions, begin with the basics and segue into an intro to straight vegetable oil conversions and bio-diesel production. Participants will receive a foundational understanding of alternative fuels mechanics empowering them to further pursue interests they may have in the field of this exciting, emerging technology. The classes, all of which take place on weekends, are being hosted by Fossil Free Fuel in their new space at 223 Braddock Avenue.

If you'd like more information about Fossil Free Fuel, or to schedule an interview, please contact Colin Huwyler at 412-894-8184 or e-mail Colin at

For more information on Braddock visit

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