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Radical Pro-Choice Contingent on March 18th
by Anti-Racist Action Thursday, Mar. 02, 2006 at 9:19 PM

Pittsburgh Anti-Racist Action calls for a Radical Pro-Choice Contingent within the mass march against the Iraq war on March 18th!

South Dakota Democrats have pushed through a bill making abortion illegal in their state. They hope to assist Supreme Court Republicans in overturning Roe v Wade to make abortion illegal throughout the country. Radicals have worked tirelessly for years to ensure that the government and right-wing extremists have no control over what a woman does to her body. Christian extremists in the Democratic and Republican parties are now working tirelessly to take away that assurance.

The politicians in South Dakota hope that their anti-abortion bill will be challenged and taken to the Supreme Court where it will be upheld, effectively overturning the Roe v Wade precedent set 33 years ago. What will transpire will be a horrific return to the times where women had no access to birth control or basic healthcare services, and when back-alley abortions resulting in the mutilation and death of countless women were commonplace.

Anti-Racist Action is calling for a Radical Pro-Choice contingent in the March 18th mass march against the Iraq war to show that we are still willing to fight for our reproductive rights and that we will not let a group of religious extremists control our lives.
The Christian fascists use the state to impose their will overseas with their armies, they use it to impose their law here at home with the jackboots of the Pittsburgh Police, and they use it to impose their will on our bodies with their narrow religious dogma. The basic right to an abortion has been available for so long that the thought of not having it is almost unfathomable. We must unite and take action now before it is too late!

U.S. out of Iraq! U.S. out of our bodies!

We will gather during the rally organized by the Thomas Merton Center Anti-War Committee. The rally is in East Liberty at the corner of Penn and Highland Ave. at 1pm. The march leaves at 2:30 and will end at the military recruitment center in Oakland. Wear pink, black, and purple and look for others dressed the same. Follow the pink and black flags!

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