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Counter Recruiting potential KBR overseas employees
by HGAC Friday, Apr. 15, 2005 at 7:46 AM

Counter-recruitment of potential Halliburton/KBR employess continued today at an "overseas job fair" at the main KBR campus in Houston, Texas.

QuickTime movie at 6.1 mebibytes

wondered what the face of private contractors in Iraq looks like? Are they looking for more information? Watch this short video clip...


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fact sheet on Halliburton/KBR
by 500 Year Resistance Friday, Apr. 15, 2005 at 8:11 AM


Who are you going to be working for?
Think about some of the facts presented here before you make your decision to put your life in Halliburton/KBR’s hands.

Houston Man Beaten by 8 KBR Coworkers - Left for Dead in Baghdad, Recovering

After a group of 8 of his coworkers nicknamed the "Redneck Mafia" gave him a severe beating, Ronald Chavez -- a security coordinator for Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root -- was left alone and injured lying in the streets of Baghdad. Fortunately someone called a Med-evac, and Mr. Chavez was rescued and is headed to a hospital in Germany, suffering from atria fibrillation. Though the motive for what seems to have been a pre-arranged beating was unclear, Mr. Chavez had recently angered his superiors by writing a memo detailing the poor security at Baghdad Airport, and had also complained of corruption, saying that everyone is "on the take". Amazingly, KBR has no plans to prosecute the men, 3 of who have since returned to the U.S. without charge.

Tuesday 29 March 2005, the father of Ron Chavez, Eli Chavez, a retired Drug Enforcement Agency special agent and 82nd Airborne veteran, sent a letter to the US Justice Department.
It reads:
"My son Ronald Lee Chavez an employee of Halliburton in Iraq was severely beaten by peer Halliburton employees. These employees are known in Iraq as the Leesville, LA "Red Neck Mafia".
Ronald was med-evaced to Camp Anaconda where he is in a US Military Hospital and remains there. According to my daughter in law Patti, Ronald is to be transferred to a military hospital in Germany because of Atria Fibrillation to his heart due to the severe beating. What I understand, Halliburton has advised Patti, that Ronald needs a Passport to get medical treatment at a Military Hospital in Germany.
While Ronald was in Albuquerque on R & R, he advised me that his Boss did not like him because Ronald is Hispanic; and that the "Red Neck Mafia" ran the operation for Halliburton at Baghdad Airport. Ronald further advised me that he had reported by Memorandum to higher authority within the Halliburton Chain of Command the vulnerabilities at Baghdad Airport regarding to terrorist attacks. Ronald further stated that higher authority was upset at his recommendations.
According to Patti, Halliburton advised her that they had sent 3 of the "Redneck Mafia" members back to the USA; and that Halliburton was not going to file criminal charges against them. They further
It is unclear who gave the order to dispatch Ronald to the location and/or who called for medical assistance. According to Patti, Ronald is waiting for a military aircraft to transfer him to Germany for treatment. Ronald is presently in ICU in serious condition."


For more info email— or check out

Want a job in Iraq with Halliburton? Think again.
A few basic facts:
-Since the March 2003 invasion by the U.S.-led coalition, 68 civilian employees of Halliburton/KBR have been killed working in various support roles for the troops in Iraq and Kuwait.

-More employees are returning home before their 12-month contract is completed because of the daily roadside bombs, mortar fire, rocket-propelled grenades, bullets and the constant threat of kidnappings

- Former employees have complained of psychological problems, injuries and broken promises from KBR. The psychological problems make it difficult to gain employment back home.

-Often Halliburton/KBR promises "$100K tax-free" salaries and claims that employees will be well-protected by military escorts, Halliburton truck drivers instead find themselves paid $16 per hour, sent out on highest alert days, even along roads labeled by the US military as "DO NOT TRAVEL".

Halliburton/KBR and the US Military claims to be helping the Iraqi’s but…
-According to General Muhammad Abdullah Shahwani, director of Iraq’s new intelligence service, “I think the resistance is bigger than the US military in Iraq (currently about 150,00 people). I think the resistance is more than 200,000 people.”

- Of these 200,000 fighters, the U.S. military announced that the number of non-Iraqi (or foreign) fighters is less than one thousand and that only 325 of the 8,500 prisoners are from foreign countries. This means that nearly all of the resistance is comprised of Iraqi citizens, not foreigners

-A recent Gallup Poll of the Iraqi people found a growing negative attitude toward the American occupation. Fifty-three percent of Iraqis say they would feel less secure without U.S. troops in Iraq, but 57 percent say the troops should leave anyway

- So, a majority of Iraqis want the U.S. military to leave their country immediately and that the number of Iraqi resistance fighters has grown larger than the number of U.S. troops.

Just this week:
-Family members of Halliburton/KBR employees killed in Iraq have filed a wrongful death class action lawsuit for "systematically, intentionally, and fraudulently " deceiving them into taking a job in Iraq and failing to protect them.

-The family members are particularly angry because Halliburton/KBR sent a poorly guarded convoy of 19 truck drivers on April 9, 2004 as an apparent 'decoy' on the most dangerous road in Iraq. After an intense 2 hour gun battle, only 11 of the drivers arrived at their destination where they learned that the fuel they had carried was not even needed -- six others were killed, one kidnapped who escaped, and one is still missing.

-Once your employment with Halliburton ends, the company and the State of Texas will use every law on the books to avoid paying unemployment compensation. For example, you may be employed by a foreign subsidiary of Halliburton (in fact, much of Halliburton's work is conducted by foreign subsidiaries). Under Texas law, you will not be entitled to unemployment benefits if you were employed by a Halliburton subsidiary that is incorporated in a "foreign" nation. In one typical case, the Texas Workforce Commission ruled against a former Halliburton employee by concluding: "The claimant is not entitled to unemployment benefits because [Halliburton's foreign subsidiary] does not satisfy the definition for an 'American employer' under the [Texas] statute."

Sources-- &

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