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Five finger your groceries?
by stephen donahue Tuesday, Apr. 05, 2005 at 10:26 AM

It’s either that or pay 5 cents on each dollar of groceries you buy.

The Pennsylvania legislature is moving closer and closer toward a plan that would swap out school property taxes with a 5% tax on food, clothing and most all other items presently exempt from the state sales tax. Proponents say that this will give needed relief to property owners.

A sales tax on food is mean spirited and unconscionable. Rich people don’t get it because they got so much disposable income that they don’t even notice paying 5% on their groceries. Also the portion of their income that rich people spend on groceries is little compared to the portion of their income that a low wage earner spends on groceries. A low wage earner spends the bulk of their wage on food and other things needed for survival. The state wants to tax things essential for survival like food!

If I walk up to somebody who has $1000 in their pocket and demand a nickel, they ain’t going feel it. If I walk up to somebody with only a buck in their pocket and demand a nickel, they are certainly going to feel it. Get it? The ass hole politicians don’t. Or do they?

Who are they making this law for? For the fat cat who owns a mansion over in Shadyside; that’s who.

Give real property tax relief with a homestead exemption. The homestead exemption is a very progressive type of tax relief as it offers the greatest proportional relief to those with property of less market value. Make up for the lost income with a progressive state income tax that is graduated.

Getting rid of the property tax and replacing it with a sales tax on groceries and clothing takes from the poor to benefit the rich.

Should this bill get near to passing I will call for massive five fingering of food from grocery stores should it indeed pass. It will be the only way to avoid this unfair tax. Store owners will already be presented with the burden of collecting this tax for the state and we can present them with the additional burden of having to buy lots and lots of extra security. Maybe by doing this we can get grocery store owners and chains to lobby against this unjust legislation as well.

Don’t let them fuck over poor people by taxing the food on our tables!

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