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Press Conference to Announce March 19th
by tmc Monday, Mar. 14, 2005 at 8:46 AM

Press Conference to detail March 19th protest and related events

Press Advisory * March 19th Global Day of Protest on the 2nd Anniversary of the Iraq War
March 14, 2004

David Meieran, 412-996-4986,
Tim Vining, 412-361-3022

Pittsburgh to Join 250 US Cities in Protest on the Two-Year Anniversary of Iraq War

WHAT: Press Conference to Announce Regional Anti-War Convergence
WHO: Thomas Merton Center, City Council Member Doug Shields, and other supporters
WHEN: 9:30am, Tuesday, March 15, 2004
WHERE: City County Building Portico, Downtown Pittsburgh

Marking two years since the U.S.-led bombing of Iraq began, anti-war groups throughout the United States and around the globe will take to the streets on Saturday, March 19, under the banner “End the War. Rebuild Our Communities.” Over 250 protests are planned in cities across the U.S., from Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to Maine. Similar demonstrations will take place on continents around the world. An up-to-date list of U.S. and international actions is available on the web at

As part of this Global Day of Protest, Pittsburgh will be the setting for a regional convergence of coordinated peace and justice activities.

Details of the regional anti-war convergence will be announced at the Thursday press conference. The Thomas Merton Center is organizing a permitted mass march and rally that begins at 2:30pm, Saturday, at the corner of Forbes and Murray in Squirrel HIll, featuring Rusted Root's Jim Donovan, nationally acclaimed slam poet Vanessa German, State Senator Jim Ferlo as well as other speakers and entertainers. Other events include an all-night candlelight vigil and a video screening featuring never-before-seen footage of the war in Iraq shot by videographers David Martinez and Urban Hamid. Complete details are available at

On hand will be City Council Member Doug Shields.

The March 19th protest will highlight the ongoing costs of war and occupation: 1,500 U.S. soldiers have been killed and more than 11,000 injured; over 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died. The financial cost already exceeds $150 billion with no end in sight.

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Peace March
by John Monday, Mar. 14, 2005 at 8:00 PM

Peace Groups Continue
To Miss The Real Issue
Day Of Demonstrations Guaranteed To
Accomplish Absolutely Nothing
By John Kaminski

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

I received an e-mail notice the other day informing me of a worldwide day of protests March 19 to focus public attention on America's neverending massacre of innocent Iraqi civilians and the continuing lies that attempt to justify this needless and shameful carnage.

The e-mail focused on the agenda of the local social event in Sarasota, Florida, and listed speakers, sponsors, activities, locations, and times. Conspicuously absent from this list were reasons.

Nevertheless, I replied to the notice by inquiring if organizers had been adequately briefed on the latest revelations about 9/11, and if they hadn't, I offered to happily volunteer my services. After all, it doesn't take a genius to realize that if 9/11 hadn't happened, the bogus Iraq invasion wouldn't have happened.

And therefore understanding what really happened on 9/11 would significantly improve anyone's perception of the colossal crimes the United States is committing in Iraq (and in a list of beleaguered countries that is now practically endless) - after all, the USA is now waging war on the entire world, and our so-called leaders are not ashamed to admit it.

But I never received a response to my inquiry, because these peace demonstration organizers completely avoid talking about 9/11. They have accepted the government's fantasy explanation about Arab hijackers and the need to conquer Muslim countries, and yet they still insist they are against the Iraq war.

I regard this as a profound psychotic break in the American consciousness. You can't accept the first and advocate the second and still be regarded as either sane or honest.

So in order to properly understand what you are protesting, you must understand why it happened in the first place. But all these trendy yuppies who sport peace buttons only on socially acceptable occasions are in reality confessing their stupidity for all to see if they demonstrate against the Iraq war but don't want to hear anything about 9/11.

How does it come to be that people will admit the government lied about Iraq and Afghanistan, but not admit it lied about 9/11?

And that is exactly the situation with this group called International Answer (and even more perfectly pathological with the pathetic Democratic Party organization named

These groups, which have millions of members, are deliberately designed to be appear to be progressive and peace-loving, but really they are cleverly constructed take the well-meaning concerns of average people and divert them into activities that are guaranteed to fail (because ultimately, the people who create these groups are actually working for the people who are committing the crimes they are protesting).

These are the same cynical clowns who got so many honest people worked up about the integrity of John Kerry, or the calm decisiveness of Howard Dean, and used up a zillion hours of brainpower only to take the fall last November and avoid contemplating the obviously tragic fact that with a little chutzpah that they could have overturned the election based on the crimes that were committed in Ohio and Florida. Only Kerry and Dean convinced them not to even try, further demonstrating why neither should ever have been supported in the first place.

Not that overturning the election would have mattered, because there is only one political party of any consequence in this country - the party of the banks.

You may have attended one of these peace demonstrations in the past. They are moving experiences. Ineffectual, but moving.

There is no doubting the sincerity or ardor of virtually all the participants. As motivated people, they have my admiration. They rail against the evil powers that be in all manner of creative ways, and when the day is done, they all (or, at least those who have not been pepper sprayed by the local Gestapo and thrown in jail) go home happy, delighted that they have expressed their freedom of speech and schmoozed with thousands of like-minded consciences.

Trouble is, as the unprecedented (in size) peace demos immediately prior to Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq so clearly proved, they accomplish exactly nothing.

The powers that be and their pimped media complely ignore them.

The true purpose of a peace demonstration is not to have a good time and go home happy. It is to kindle each other's anger and go home as pissed as possible, ready to follow through with every fiber of your being until the objective of your protest is achieved.

It is safe to say that, since Vietnam, the objective of no major protest in America has ever been achieved, especially since Bush the Dumber took office (and I do mean took).

The disintegration of America's Constitutional protections, the computerized pollution of America's electoral process, the poisoning by food and drug manufacturers of people all over the world, and the neverending robbery of the American people by repeatedly criminal Congressional fiat are just a few of the focuses that would provide more relevant protests.

Those made ill by deliberately poisoned vaccines or depleted uranium ammunition would be two other good reasons.

But seriously, maybe you'd rather wait until one of your relatives - perhaps a son or daughter - succumbs to one of these sadistic scams before you decide to get upset about them.

The real focus of all our protests, all our outrage at every public official we can lay our hands on, should be the greatest crime in American history, which has changed the way our country does business, which has changed, perhaps irrevocably, who we are as a people.

Americans are now known around the world as the torturers, as the sexual perverts who go out of their way to profane the sacredness of life by raping Muslim children and sexually traumatizing Muslim adults. Who are these troops we say we support as they mow down innocent families in Fallujah while they listen to heavy metal music and take drugs to dull their senses? Who are these alien neighbors of ours who refuse to hear this statement, and say "Support Our Troops!" as they close their eyes and drive off to Wal-mart to save a few pennies and destroy their own way of life.

Gee, I wonder in which chapter of Leviticus or Deuteronomy we learned to do that?

Americans are the people who plan on starving the rest the world with this Monsanto seed conspiracy, in which subsistence farmers on every continent will be deprived of their traditional method of survival because the seeds they are now forced to use (in order for their corrupt government functionaries to receive their proper bribes from soulless multinational corporations) cannot reproduce themselves. When their governments are plundered by their own feckless facsimiles of Bush or Clinton, these people will die of starvation. But you won't hear their moans in Wal-mart, at least not for a little while.

Gee, I wonder which smug rabbinical commentary told us it was OK to ignore the death rattles of dying Gentiles?

Americans are the people who didn't protest when their government refused to investigate what happened on 9/11, despite the 3,000 of their countrymen who were crushed in the rubble of deliberately demolished skyscrapers.

Americans accepted the media-spun story that Arabs run by a madman in Afghanistan did it. These fantasy bad guys got the U.S. air defenses to stand down, they got on airplanes without any identification or any record of them getting on, they performed aerobatic maneuvers that could not have been performed by Top Guns, and they defied the laws of physics by knocking down buildings that could not have fallen in ten seconds without the help of considerable explosives. We know that from the building that fell the same way that was not hit by an airliner.

Gee, if we don't care about our own fellow citizens being suddenly buried in concrete by the pervs in Washington, why should we care about dark-skinned Arabs being turned into puddles of blood thousands of miles away?

Americans accepted the lies their leaders told them, first about 9/11, then about Afghanistan, then about Iraq. Most Americans to this day still don't know that the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq were planned before 9/11.

Most Americans don't know that the PNAC report, which yearned for "a new Pearl Harbor" to turn American citizens into enraged warmongers, was written by a high American official who was also an Israeli intelligence agent, Dov Zakheim.

Most Americans don't know that their new head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, is an Israeli intelligence agent.

Most Americans don't know that their new intelligence czar, John Negroponte - he of the Nicaraguan and Salvadoran death squad fiascos - is also Jewish.

Most Americans don't know that all the TV networks are owned by Zionist Jews. Most Americans don't realize that all the major newspapers, like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe, are owned by Zionist Jews.

Do you understand that Iraq was no threat to the United States? Do you understand that Iraq was a threat to Israel? Do you understand that American children are killing innocent people and being killed themselves to protect Israel, not the United States?

Or are you one of those lily-livered Yankee dogs so terrified of losing your income or some friends who don't really care about you anyway that you feel compelled to say, "People aren't ready to hear this yet. You have to bring them on slowly to tell them about the problem with Israel."

We're looking at the end of civilization because of the silence of honest Americans over the most important issues of our day, and you're telling me that I have to wait til people get used to the idea we are being totally polluted by the demonic influence of Zionist warmongers, who take their authority from a holy book that says it's OK to kill non-Jews with no penalty because they're animals?

Take a wild guess as to what I have to say to cowards like that - which are the majority of the American people.

The real issue to protest March 19 is not the Iraq war, colossal crime though it is.

The real issue to protest is that George W. Bush and John Kerry are accomplices in the same series of crimes. The real issue is to realize that our country has been sold out from under us, and that Israel, thanks to the neocons, now owns us.

Have you observed how the Palestinians live? Scrambling in their rubble, constantly avoiding bombs and excuses to murder them on a whim. This is the future of America run by the Zionist monsters who control the White House, and most other aspects of your life, as well.

The real issue to protest is that the entire U.S. Congress is guilty of treason for destroying the Bill of Rights to our own Constitution by participating in this charade that there is some terror threat that justifies these police state measures.

The real issue to protest is that al-Qaeda was created by the CIA and the Mossad in a proxy war in Afghanistan and then later at a CIA training camp in the Philippines, and that 9/11 was planned, executed, and then covered up by levels of American society that are actually more powerful than the president, who is only a bobble-head doll fed lies, stimulants and quite possibly little boys (or at least big boys) as a reward for his mindless obedience to his masters with the big money.

But even more than that, the real issue to protest, in the silence of your own ravaged heart, is your own silent complicity in the savage system that kills innocent people every day so that rich Zionist Jew manipulators and their conscienceless Zionist Christian dupes can steal money from YOU.

Just to be clear, these people are Americans, British, and Israelis, and they have no real consciences, which makes them dangerous sociopaths - which is why we have a sociopathic culture that feels no guilt when we kill innocent people overseas. It is no coincidence that this attitude perfectly reflects what is written in the Talmud and the Old Testament. Now that would really be something to protest about.

A peace protest without a serious component investigating the lies about 9/11 and the predatory dominance of Israeli influence on a severely crippled America is like a body without a brain, which I suspect is what many of those protesters on March 19 will be like.

And as the world continues to burn, they'll go home happy that they did something for freedom, when in the reality of this new and ugly police-state world, they will have done nothing of consequence, because they still fail to realize what really happened on 9/11, or who is really controlling them.


John Kaminski's Internet essays can be seen on hundreds of websites around the world. They have been collected into two anthologies, the latest of which is titled "The Perfect Enemy," about how the Zionist-controlled U.S. government created the terrorist group knowns as al-Qaeda. His booklet "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Officlal Story of What Happened on September 11, 2001" was written especially for those who cling to the government's false explanation of the events of that tragic day. For more information go to


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G.W. Was Right All ALong
by Peace Activist, Freedom Fighter Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2005 at 1:22 AM

President George W Bush had it right all along. He clearly understood the situation far better than those at A.N.S.W.E.R> and MoveOn.Org and other left wing radical organizations. THe so called progressive in this country are anything but progressive, offering up ideas that are more polotically in tune with the 19th century than with the realities of the modern world.

THe true peace activist and freeedom fighter is George Bush. Liberty and democracy are running rampant in the middle east thanks to GW. And this in an area were the world's left felt that the peole of the region were only deserving of brutal despotic rule. VIVA W !!!!

By the way, did I mention that you were all really really wrong. I think an apology is in order for GW and his crew of peace activists and freedom fighters.

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Oh yes, viva W...
by Sam Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2005 at 7:51 AM

We said there were no WMDs. U.S. inspectors have confirmed were no WMDs.

We said there was no collaborative relationship with al Qaeda. The 9/11 Commission has confirmed that there was no collaborative relationship with al Qaeda.

We said that the war will kill tens of thousands. According to a paper published in the Lancet and U.S. military estimates respectively, there have been about 100,000 civilian casualties and 30,000 military casualties (not including the resistance).

We said that the war would increase the threat of further terrorist attacks, an assessment with which the CIA concurs.

We said that Iraqis are not stupid, and that they will resist -- and they have resisted, and are continuing to resist.

And we said that -- far from establishing democracy in the Middle East -- the war would merely establish a U.S. neocolony. And indeed, this is what is happening -- and no number of fake elections can alter this basic fact. (In case there's any doubt that they were fake:

Who was wrong, again?

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what was wrong
by Doug Weaver Tuesday, Mar. 15, 2005 at 3:44 PM

What's wrong is some zit cragged brain dead prepubescent DU'er posting links from zmag.

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Charles Johnson
by Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2005 at 3:03 AM

WHAT? It sure looks like Bush was right.

The whole world said there were WMD's, mainly because Hussein used WMD's. Thanks to the imbeciles and terror supporters on the left, Hussein also had a headstart to hide and remove those WMD's. Now we can look to Syria.

Democracy is running like wild fire in the middle east. Only a complete asshole supporter of despotic rulers could ignore that fact. Even the Palestinians, the perennial butt-boys of the rest of the Arab world have the opportunity for democracy and freedom from their Arab terrorist oppressors.

Lebanon is in the midst of revolution (gee, I thought you leftwingnutz liked revolution against oppressive rulers, but then I guess you were just making that stuff up as a matter of convenience of the time).

And what is most amazing about the democratic reforms and outcry from the Arab Street is that these people are now moving organicly against the tyrranny of the Arab demagogues, after having seen that it can be done. In Iraq the people defied those "smart Iraqi troops" (hey dude, I don't think these are Iraqi troops, but terrorist fighters from throughout the Islamist world), to go out and exercise their rights to participate in a democracy. In Lebanon 100's of 1,000's are taking to the streets daily to demand their freedom and democracy. And all the while doing it WITHOUT BLAMING ISREAL. Wow, now that is progress, whne the Arab Street cries out for freedom from its despotic rulers and ignores the wildly innacurate redherring that those despots have used for decaes .. that Isreal is some how responsible for the oppression of an entire region as large as the United States.

In the arab world these same people who are demanding their freedom are better than all of the worlds leftists. For these true freedom fighters know what courage is. (no one in America that isn't in the miitary is a "freedom fighter" .... you are already free. Whereas these people in the Arab world have not been free and are truly fighting for their liberty. You just talk about it cheaply.) They are now screaming praises for GW and America. Just lok at some of hte signs in the crowd shots from Lebanon. Listen to the statemetns of those Iraqi voters.

Go ahead and cling to the popular ignorance of the DU and MoveOn and the other leftist organizations that hate freeedom and can never admit any mistake of their own. You will be less enlightened for it all.

I din't vote for Bush the first time. But I am sure glad he won, both times. Last election I could see that he was right and John Kerry would have been devastating to the casue of world freedom and peace. I voted for George. I can also admit that I was wrong about George when I bought into all of that hateful diatribe that the left pushed about George being stupid, being a crook, being a bad baseball player with a big codpiece. The guy was smarter than most everyone else out there.

Iraq was an integral part of the cause of freedom in the middle east. Even if Hussein did get the WMD out or even if he didn't have the WMD that he used against his own people, it is irrelevent in the big picture of restoring world order and defeating the cause of despotism and terrorism.

The terrorist cause and how it operates is something else that the left (and I prior to about 2002) had entirely wrong. The terrorists operate with complicity from the likes of Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and Iraq. They are given free passage and santuary that enables these groups to operate freely in those countries. For all of hte understanding that the left preaches, it is clear the left has absolutely none for anyone else, projecting its own limited understanding of the world on all societies and relationships. The left is looking for that "Pentagon Papers" type of smoking gun memo from some head of state saying "These terrorists are my friends, give them everything they want and dinner." It will never work that way in this region and culture. The support can be widespread and yet done with little more than a wink and a nod. There is no doubt that Iraq was a haven for terrorists (e.g. Abu Nidal lived there for years while he was wanted by the western world for terrorist atrocities). Iraq undestod that the more it could destabilize the region, the less likely it was that anyone would be able to interfere with Iraq. It was for this reason that Iraq funded terrorist activities in Israel (and that was offical Iraqi policy). All of these activities give the leaders of such nations ample opportunity to draw on many red-herring arguments to deflect attention from their own misdeeds. Hussein gases the Kurds, and the world looks away buying into the ruse that it is Isreal's fault. Hussein tells the UN to go to hell and the PA and Al Aqsa increases its attacks in Isreal as an international diversion. And you want to say there is no connection? I understand that years of smoking dope can interfere with your ability to draw logical connections, but that would take a lot of dope to ignore.

Bush was Right. I was wrong (but ahve since admitted that and am better for it). Freedom is organically on the march in the Arab world with the Arab despots scatering for cover. Yassar Arafat is dead. Saddam Husssein is in prison. Bin Laden and Al Zakwari are bemoaning the lack of suicide martyrs and living in caves. And John Kerry is living in disgrace with his incredibly wealthy but stoned wife, after being humiliated in the last election.

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by i Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2005 at 6:49 AM

17 years ago today, Saddam Hussein used WMD on the citizens of Halabja, killing over 5,000 and wounding 10,000 more.

Oh, that's right, Iraq doesn't have any WMD. Right.

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Left supports Lebanon moron
by Ken Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2005 at 3:40 PM

as a leftist, i completely support the revolt by the people to rid themselves of repressive Syrian rule so i don't know where u get ur info. My worry is it will all be hijacked by the US and others who seek to subvert, not support, such revolutionary actions. I always support democratic revolution, no matter where. I pray for the overthrow of Iran and North Korea BY THEIR PEOPLE, not subversion and occupation by America. As far as WMDs, the fact that dictator Hussein used such things in 1988, does not mean he still has the means nearly 20 years later. I thought that was common sense, but i guess not. Also, when the US congress at the time tried to punish Hussein for such atrocities, ol' Ronnie Reagan stepped in to stop any punishment and instead awarded the bastard with a couple hundred million in agricultural subsidies. So please do your homework on Saddam and the left before spouting your propaganda ok? Plus, other shit goes down to. Check out Latin America, an area all major US news outlets are scared to touch cuz, guess what?? THE USA IS NOT THE GOOD GUY THERE EITHER. I hope Chavez cuts off the oil to the USA from Venezuela, and you humvee-driving morons all pay 18/gallon at the pump. Oh yea and if you believe in this war so damn much, SIGN UP!!! Stand up for what you believe in, especially now when we critically need more bodies to throw away. So please, sign up and rid the world of your stupidity. I'm sick of being nice to conservative morons. We'll be out on March 19th, so join us if u wanna finally face reality

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The Left Still Sucks
by Barbie Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2005 at 6:02 PM

You're an idiot. Saddam was a murderous woman hating little dick dictator, regardless of what WMD he had or did not have in 1988 or 1998. The Left sucks because the leftists are just plain stupid. You do not need to do your homework on anything to know that anyone who thinks Fidel Castro is a hero and George Bush is an idiot is a complete was of the sperm their daddies blew to oppress their mommies into servitude.

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Freedom Fighters
by Mitch Thursday, Mar. 17, 2005 at 2:10 AM

If fire figthers fight fires and crime fighters fight crime, what do freedom fighters fight?

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by ... Thursday, Mar. 17, 2005 at 6:28 AM

they fight for freedom. not hard to understand

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by i Thursday, Mar. 17, 2005 at 10:08 AM

"Also, when the US congress at the time tried to punish Hussein for such atrocities, ol' Ronnie Reagan stepped in to stop any punishment and instead awarded the bastard with a couple hundred million in agricultural subsidies. So please do your homework on Saddam and the left before spouting your propaganda ok?"

Who's spouting propaganda now? I HAVE done my homework on Saddam and I can grasp the simple fact that he'd still be in power murdering Kurds if it wasn't for our President having the balls to oust him. Go bang on some plastic buckets and do some colorful street theater you mealy mouthed Useful Idiot.

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So simple
by Urban Guerrilla Thursday, Mar. 17, 2005 at 10:16 AM

"Iraq was an integral part of the cause of freedom in the middle east. Even if Hussein did get the WMD out or even if he didn't have the WMD that he used against his own people, it is irrelevent in the big picture of restoring world order and defeating the cause of despotism and terrorism."

Irrelevant,huh? Tell the grieving mother of a dead US soldier who joined the hunt for WMD's that the reason he went to Iraq and died a young man was "irrelevant" in the long run. Don't be so sure freedom and democracy are spreading like wildfire in the ME when you only follow western news sources. Your post smacks of the same kind of talk that comes out of the mouths of the average Fox news follower. We do NOT know what is truly going on over there because of restricted access imposed on the media. We now know the tearing down of the Saddam statue was a staged event for the media. Is it out of the realm of possibility that the photos of "Iraqi" women sporting the blue fingers were staged? I am no proponent of terrorism, nor do I think the people who will be protesting this weekend are in some way supporting terrorism. This notion that one cannot challenge what their government does in one's name without being labeled "traitor" is simply ridiculous. Suggesting a person who does not support this war should move to another country is akin to suggesting war hawks march down to the local recruiting office and enlist.

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

-Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President (1858-1919)

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Response to the idiocy here
by Ken Thursday, Mar. 17, 2005 at 7:40 PM

i never said a good word about Fidel Castro in my post so there you go again with making up nonsense. I strongly oppose much of Castro's policies in his total lack of respect for democracy. You do seem to have backed off your comment that Saddam has WMDs cuz now all of a sudden that doesn't matter, just that Saddam was a horrible dictator (which everyone knows and noone dispute) As far as woman-haters, you now need to look no further than the Iranian-backed Shiite clerics taking power in Iraq to see what kind of trouble Iraqi women may be in for. As for the other lame retort, you didn't challenge or disprove my statement of Saddam's gassing and Reagan not allowing any punishment of him to go forth. You just blurted some baseless accusation that Kurds would still be getting gassed. They likely would not and did not due to the no-fly zones that kept Saddam largely away from the Kurds. Look I am glad Saddam is done and i could care less if we just killed the bastard, but that was not why we went into Iraq. We want the oil and we want strategic control of the Middle East region, plain and simple. I may even be able to overlook this to a point if what we do over there brings democracy, but i'd say it certainly won't. This relentless guerrilla war combined with the power grab of Iranian-backed clerics is anything but a solid sign of democracy. I'd say that, once again, the US will support one evil against another for now, until that evil turns on us and we have a whole new fight in store. Its the same old shit

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by The Frequency Friday, Mar. 18, 2005 at 2:29 AM

Oh, Yeah? Well, you're still an idiot and you look funny too. So there. Need more info, just go to

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by anon Friday, Mar. 18, 2005 at 11:27 AM

Proving conservatives wrong seems to get easier each time they post.

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by ken Friday, Mar. 18, 2005 at 2:24 PM

shame when backed into a corner from your own false propaganda, all you people do is throw childish insults out. How old are some of you Repubs anyways? Probably older than me. Ironic i'm somehow the idiot when meanwhile, you're the one who can't counter the points put in front of you. Oh well continue living in your delusional world where we are all dirty hippies or whatever you want to call us that helps you sleep at night.
I happen to be clean-cut, college-educated, and i work two jobs. Pretty far from hippie but again whatever helps you sleep. Your support for such idiots puts the blood on your hands. Oh and by the way, SIGN UP FOR THE MILITARY ALREADY. THEY NEED PEOPLE. HOW CAN YOU WATCH THE ARMY STRUGGLE FOR RECRUITS WHEN THERE ARE SOOOO MANY SUPPORTERS OF THIS WAR SUCH AS YOURSELVES? GET SOME GUTS AND GO FIGHT!

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by ken Friday, Mar. 18, 2005 at 2:25 PM

shame when backed into a corner from your own false propaganda, all you people do is throw childish insults out. How old are some of you Repubs anyways? Probably older than me. Ironic i'm somehow the idiot when meanwhile, you're the one who can't counter the points put in front of you. Oh well continue living in your delusional world where we are all dirty hippies or whatever you want to call us that helps you sleep at night.
I happen to be clean-cut, college-educated, and i work two jobs. Pretty far from hippie but again whatever helps you sleep. Your support for such idiots puts the blood on your hands. Oh and by the way, SIGN UP FOR THE MILITARY ALREADY. THEY NEED PEOPLE. HOW CAN YOU WATCH THE ARMY STRUGGLE FOR RECRUITS WHEN THERE ARE SOOOO MANY SUPPORTERS OF THIS WAR SUCH AS YOURSELVES? GET SOME GUTS AND GO FIGHT!

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by / Saturday, Mar. 19, 2005 at 2:22 AM ;) THat is hilarious and accurate.

I love you brain dead sheep hippy dippy losers. You are so hung up on believing that you are so much better than everyone else as you preach peace love and understanding that you have become parodies of yourselves.

You haven't proven anyone wrong with your opinion and propganda. You also haven't thought very deeply about any issue. You regurgitate the political fashion statements of the time ad nausium until you beleive that your voice is the only orator and arbiter of truth and reason. Sound more like mentally ill zealots than "intellectuals".

Just how does one become an "intellectual"? Where do I go to school to get my "intellectual" degree? How can I too be one of the enlightened "intellectuals". Gosh darn, I have enough degrees to paper my walls with aready and still you "intellectuals" keep telling me how much smarte than the rest of us you are.

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by i Saturday, Mar. 19, 2005 at 4:54 AM

"As for the other lame retort, you didn't challenge or disprove my statement of Saddam's gassing and Reagan not allowing any punishment of him to go forth."

You're replying to two different posters Ken. I did reply to your 'opinion' on Reagan's involvement in dealing with Iraq. I'm supposed to disprove some wild ass allegations you make?

Of course most reasonable people think Saddam is a monster and are happy to see him gone except for the inconvenient fact that the reason he IS gone is due to President Bush's
actions. That just wrinkles the hell outta your Che t-shirt doesn't it?

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Hey Ken, Stop the Propaganda War
by w Sunday, Mar. 20, 2005 at 4:37 AM

"get some guts and go fight". Well Ken, I know alot of people(and I mean several) who have done just that. young men and women who have left the civilian workforce, families, careers, to join the military that you deride. I am certain your answer to anyone that disagrees with you is that they should go far away and (hopefully to you) get killed so you can use their death for you own political propaganda. I support these men and women. I don't want to rush them home, because that only puts them in more danger of attacks. They went there to bring stability to the middle east. A stability and opportunity that the Arab world has never known, but which you enjoy and have enjoyed for your entire life (maybe this is why your world view is so distorted). These soldiers are great individuals with a job to do. You make that job much more difficult by continually telling to quit now as if their efforts are of no value to anyone. That is not only rude but it is stupid. Damn it, just try and tell one of you left wing protest rats to stop your protest and go home because it is a useless exercise that is tying up traffic and resources that could be used elsewhere. Boy we would get an earful of whiny BS and personal insults then. Seems like a double standard to me.

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Have fun in Iran
by Myk Sunday, Mar. 20, 2005 at 6:23 PM

It's the republican/conservative way to just fire insults. If you can't defen your statements with facts, then your only option is to make your opponent look foolish. So when they can't argue that there were no WMDs and that we don't belong in Iraq, and that we're creating more and more terrorists every day they can only sit back and call us "dirty hippies" and "lice herders" ad other such wonderful labels. I always find it amusing that those who are so against the "evil leftists" are the undereducated, the real sheep who will believe anything they see on the mainstream media and anything that comes out of a politician's (so long as its a Republican) mouth. Meanwhile, those protesting, those speaking out are often college educated or in many cases professors and other very well educated people. It's been said many times before, so it can't hurt once more, you support this war so much? You love this war so much? Go fight in it yourself.

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still no serious replies
by Ken Sunday, Mar. 20, 2005 at 8:09 PM

well, check up on my "wild accusation" of Reagan giving Saddam a free pass for gassing Kurds. I assure you its the truth. Also, i've said it a million times i am happy Saddam is gone, but i worry we are creating an even bigger monster in the long run, not to mention building democracy is not a real concern of this country. And to the one who "responded" to my go and fight challenge, you ducked the suggestion by listing others who have fought, instead of telling me why you are not out there fighting. Plenty of my friends have been in combat in Iraq, and two that have come home say we should get the hell outta there ASAP. So, once again, SIGN UP THE ARMY NEEDS PEOPLE FOR THE WARS.

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oh and...
by Ken Sunday, Mar. 20, 2005 at 8:15 PM

i never "derided" the military, but instead, simply suggested that people such as yourself join up. Hell, i'd say i'm helping recruit! Also, the middle east hasn't known democracy largely due to the Russians and Americans preventing such opportunities to flourish during the Cold War. Look no further than such incidents as the CIA-backed 1953 overthrow of Iranian PM Moussadegh to re-install the brutal Shah as dictator, paving the way for an anti-American revolt of 1979 that was hijacked by religious conservatives, whose gov't is directly interfering in Iraq, and whose allies are taking power there now. Damn, how hard is this to understand? Seems pretty straight-forward to me. Democracy must be brought by the people of a nation, such as those fighting in Lebanon to kick Syria out or, hopefully soon, the Iranian students and reformers that want to overthrow the oppressive regime they live under. US-imposed gov't will bring nothing but hatred and chaos.

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And of course, the left NEVER insults anyone
by Dangerfield Monday, Mar. 21, 2005 at 3:00 AM

"the undereducated, the real sheep who will believe anything they see on the mainstream media and anything that comes out of a politician's (so long as its a Republican) mouth. Meanwhile, those protesting, those speaking out are often college educated or in many cases professors and other very well educated people."

Oh that isn't an insult, now is it. So the "Right" has no monopoly on name calling, but you conveniently ignore it when it comes from one of your own.

Not only is that statemetn an insult, and not unlike racism, where you are asserting a broad and unfounded stereotype as to your opponents. To you, all on the Right are poorly educated fools, for if they were educated and smart like you, they most assuredly would not beleive those ridiculous political notions that they cling to.

Your statements show your ignorance. It also demonstrates your racism and prejudice. A prejudice that is rampant through the political left. In fact, the American left has built many of its political philosophies around this prejudice and intellectual arogance. With the many statements that those in the red states are just mindless idiots controlled by Karl Rove the left is flaughting its stupidity. Maybe it even shows itself for what it is and offends the people it wshes to win over.

So just how many Republicans do you know? How many do you speak with on a regular basis? Not many. THen you have deliberately limited your own understanding. An act of intellectual hobbling that will nt permit effective discourse from the Left. Many of the Republicans and others that support the policies of this President that I personally know are highly educated and gainfully employed (outside of academia and the political industrial complex (i.e. bureaucracy)). And just as many are hardworking union members over at the USW of A or farmers or mechanics or others that you might consider "poorly educated".

Go to the protests and rallies. Talk to those people and you find similar anecdotal evidence of stupidity or limited analysis of the issues from those particpants. Just consider the infamous Billionaires for Bush who worked so hard to communicate an presenation that George Bush was backed entirely by billionaires. Yet this group did nothign to present the fact that not only was George Bush's opponent himself a Billionaire, or the much higher level of participation in supporting John Kerrry from America's wealthy, or the significnat participation from those of lesser means in supporting Bush. It was a myopic view presented as entertaining street theater.

ANd the list can go on. But it is clear that your statemetns and those of the left generally that the Right is populated solely by "those of inferior intellect from thse on the LEft" is not only arrogant and insulting, but it is a form of racism. Racism that is entirely embraced by the LEft.

This racism is exactly the racism that permits the LEft to describe Condi Rice and Colin Powell in the most offensive of terms, and to grossly critize the accomplishments of these individuals. You all get your hackles up when some kid at CMU writes a acist cartoon, but you give Matt Groenig and the Village Voice a pass everytime they refer to Condi Rice in racist terms (e.g. "I don't know nothing about no missiles" accompanied by a racist stereotype drawing; or referring to each of them as the "house niggers" of the Bush Adminsitration). THis for some unexplained reason is acceptable. Trust me, Condi Rice is alot smarter and more educated than you or I, and this is what she must graciously endure from the LEft. So why shoudl anyone believe that the LEft is kinder, gentler or more accepting and understanding?

And for all your progessive thoughts, the LEft clings to the past for its present justification of existence. The LEft manages by looking in the rear view mirror. The right offers plans for the future, looking at the road ahead. Maybe that has more to do with the current popular disfavor of the LEft than anythign else.

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Reason du jour for war
by Urban Guerrilla Monday, Mar. 21, 2005 at 4:36 AM

Hey, We did NOT go to Iraq to "bring stability" to the ME. We went to Iraq because "intelligence" said Saddam was attempting to reconstitute a nuclear weapons program. Please refrain from speculation and stick to the known facts for why we are over there. Find me one link in which the mention of "bringing stability to the Middle East" is mentioned as a reason we went to war with Iraq. We can not afford to keep coming up with reasons for our continued involvement there when countless people on both sides are dying. How would you feel if you were a soldier in Iraq when 2 years later we are STILL arguing the reasons for our involvement? How would you (as a soldier) feel when 2 of the biggest reasons for why we went to war (Saddam's link to Bin Laden & WMD's) were PROVEN bogus? Wouldn't you feel betrayed by your government? Why are so many quick to give this administration a get out of jail free card with the horrendous blunders they made regarding going to war? PEOPLE ARE DYING WHY WE SIT ON THIS FORUM AND GIVE OUR OPINIONS. Because that's all they are, OPINIONS, not facts. The facts were/are ignored every day because the truth hurts. I have a very close friend over there and I think about him every day. He has been over there for over a year already and does not know when he will be coming home. I do not deride the military but I don't necessarily support what they are doing over there either. Leave the protesters be, stop childishly insulting them for doing what they believe is right and true. Keep an open mind and don't believe everything you are told by this administration.

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How about this one ....
by Suburban Monkey Monday, Mar. 21, 2005 at 5:12 AM

For Immediate Release
March 16, 2003

Statement of the Atlantic Summit: A Vision for Iraq and the Iraqi People

Iraq's talented people, rich culture, and tremendous potential have been hijacked by Saddam Hussein. His brutal regime has reduced a country with a long and proud history to an international pariah that oppresses its citizens, started two wars of aggression against its neighbors, and still poses a grave threat to the security of its region and the world.

Saddam's defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions demanding the disarmament of his nuclear, chemical, biological, and long-range missile capacity has led to sanctions on Iraq and has undermined the authority of the U.N. For 12 years, the international community has tried to persuade him to disarm and thereby avoid military conflict, most recently through the unanimous adoption of UNSCR 1441. The responsibility is his. If Saddam refuses even now to cooperate fully with the United Nations, he brings on himself the serious consequences foreseen in UNSCR 1441 and previous resolutions.

In these circumstances, we would undertake a solemn obligation to help the Iraqi people build a new Iraq at peace with itself and its neighbors. The Iraqi people deserve to be lifted from insecurity and tyranny, and freed to determine for themselves the future of their country. We envisage a unified Iraq with its territorial integrity respected. All the Iraqi people -- its rich mix of Sunni and Shiite Arabs, Kurds, Turkomen, Assyrians, Chaldeans, and all others -- should enjoy freedom, prosperity, and equality in a united country. We will support the Iraqi people's aspirations for a representative government that upholds human rights and the rule of law as cornerstones of democracy.

We will work to prevent and repair damage by Saddam Hussein's regime to the natural resources of Iraq and pledge to protect them as a national asset of and for the Iraqi people. All Iraqis should share the wealth generated by their national economy. We will seek a swift end to international sanctions, and support an international reconstruction program to help Iraq achieve real prosperity and reintegrate into the global community.

We will fight terrorism in all its forms. Iraq must never again be a haven for terrorists of any kind.

In achieving this vision, we plan to work in close partnership with international institutions, including the United Nations; our Allies and partners; and bilateral donors. If conflict occurs, we plan to seek the adoption, on an urgent basis, of new United Nations Security Council resolutions that would affirm Iraq's territorial integrity, ensure rapid delivery of humanitarian relief, and endorse an appropriate post-conflict administration for Iraq. We will also propose that the Secretary General be given authority, on an interim basis, to ensure that the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people continue to be met through the Oil for Food program.

Any military presence, should it be necessary, will be temporary and intended to promote security and elimination of weapons of mass destruction; the delivery of humanitarian aid; and the conditions for the reconstruction of Iraq. Our commitment to support the people of Iraq will be for the long term.

We call upon the international community to join with us in helping to realize a better future for the Iraqi people.

# # #

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by Urban Guerrilla Monday, Mar. 21, 2005 at 5:58 AM

Your post is appreciated but does not necessarily illustrate that one of the reasons we went into Iraq was to bring stability to the Middle East, as one of the above posters mentioned as reason for sending our troops there. Stability in Iraq maybe, but not the Middle East as a whole. Thank you for the intelligent response.

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