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Vote Fraud Talking Points PDF
by george blows Monday, Jan. 03, 2005 at 8:11 PM

10 Reasons to Investigate the Ohio Election Fraud- 2 page pdf attached (not sure if pdf will work- accepted files types = blank : ) 1 page 10 general talking points 1 page 10 specific points on Ohio fraud from's latest

download PDF (95.2 kibibytes)

This is an abridged version of the's latest documentation of Votergate Ohio.
The full version is here:

The Bush-Cheney ‘do-everything’ strategy in Ohio covered a very wide range of tactics, from disenfranchisement of minority voters to discarding of ballots to tampered tabulators and much more.

Taken as a whole, this compendium of error, fraud, cover-up and contempt indicates that this was not a legitimate election, and is not worthy of being certified by the Congress of the United States:

1. More than 106,000 Ohio ballots remain uncounted. This figure does not include thousands of people who did not vote, despite intending to do so in Ohio’s inner cities, due to a lack of voting machines, having no available ballots, intimidation, manipulation of registrations, denial of absentee ballots and other means of depriving American citizens of their rightful vote.

2. Most uncounted ballots come from regions and precincts where Kerry was strongest.

3. John Kerry's vote count was significantly lower among ballots counted on Election Day using electronic tabulators. How is this possible? Watch this movie:

4. Turnout inconsistencies reveal tens of thousands of Kerry votes were not simply recorded. There is a striking is a pattern where turnout percentages in cities won by Kerry were 10 percentage points or more lower than in the regions won by Bush, a virtually impossible scenario.

5. In southern Perry County, two precincts reported turnouts of 124.4 and 124.0 percent of the registered voters. These impossible turnouts were nonetheless officially certified as part of the final recount by Blackwell.

6. In Cleveland, there were three precincts in which minor third-party candidates received 86, 92 and 98 percent of the vote respectively, an outcome completely out of sync with the rest of the state (a similar thing occurred during the contested election in Florida, 2000). This class of error points to more than machine malfunction, suggesting instead that votes are being electronically shifted from one candidate to another in the voting and counting stage. All reported errors favored Bush over Kerry.

7. In Warren County the Republican Election Board cited a 'Homeland' Security threat as a reason to lock out independent obersvers from the vote count. Bush received 75% of the vote, and as one of the last counties to report, this huge margin was crucial to Bush's 'victory'.

8. Democratic voters were apparently targeted with provisional ballots. Poll watchers in Cleveland and Columbus have testified that most provisional ballots were given to minority and young voters. The same is true with presumed liberal college and university students. In Athens, where Ohio University is located, 8.59 percent of student ballots were provisional. At Kenyon College and Oberlin College, liberal arts institutions, there were severe shortages of voting machines when compared with nearby religious-affiliated schools. Students at Kenyon waited up to eleven hours to vote.

9. Ohio's Election Day exit poll was more credible than the certified result, according to intense statistical analysis. In-depth studies by Prof. Ron Baiman of the University of Illinois at Chicago shows that Ohio's exit polls in Ohio and elsewhere were virtually certain to be more accurate than the final vote count as certified by Blackwell. Critics of the exit polls’ accuracy say too many Democrats were sampled, but a detailed analysis of that assertion shows no credible evidence for it. The stark shift from exit polls favoring Kerry to final results in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio all went in Bush's direction, and are, according to Baiman, a virtual impossibility, with odds as high as 150 million to one against.

10. The Ohio recount wasn’t random or comprehensive and may have involved serious illegalities. Under Ohio law, 3 percent of the ballots in a precinct are examined by hand. If the numbers match what was counted on Election Day, then the rest of the ballots are compiled electronically. In many districts, Republican Secretary of State Blackwell chose the precincts to be counted in a partisan manner, weighing the choices toward precincts where there were no disputes while avoiding those being contested. Moreover, there have been numerous confirmed instances where employees of the private companies that manufactured the voting machines had access to the machines and the computer records before the recount occurred.

These ten points are among the most serious clouding the electoral outcome in Ohio, but are only part of a larger pattern. Their correlation with similar evidence in New Mexico, Florida and elsewhere gives them added gravitas. Scores of sworn affidavits and the on-going work of teams of attorneys, statisticians and other experts have revealed far more points of contention and suspicion, many of which we will present in tomorrow's article.

1. In Florida, Bev Harris of showed official poll tapes to poll workers and they all agreed: This is not what we submitted to the county !!! Bev also found official signed voting receipts in the garbage.

2. In at least 6 states voters reported choosing Kerry on the touchscreen, but having Bush come up as the choice. Poll workers were trained to 'recalibrate' (unplug) the machine and try it again.

3. There were more than 57,000 reported vote machine malfunctions and other 'voting irregularities' across the nation.

4. Intentional suppression of minority voters in Ohio is being passed off by the mainstream media as 'something to fix for 2008'. Republican operatives used dirty tricks to prevent thousands of Americans from voting, and we're supposed to accept this?

5. Rep. John Conyers has proof of fraud and has asked the FBI to investigate and arrest the perpetrators.

6. Exit Polls were off only in key swing states. In the Ukraine the exit polls started the revolution, in the US, the media declared the exit polls flawed and buried the story.

7. Wally O'dell, the CEO of Diebold voting machines and a top Bush fundraiser promised 'to deliver' Ohio to Bush.

8. The top two voting machine companies are run by brothers- they tabulate 80% of the votes in the United States.

9. Votes are tabulated on a simple Windows PC, hooked up to a modem (a hacker's dream).

10. The votes are counted in a simple spreadsheet program like Excel. It would be simple for a hacker to swap the vote totals in adjacent cells and change the election in a matter of seconds.

I was making the general pdf talking points, then saw the specific points at bellaciao, so i just added that to the pdf. My intent was: We need to be our own media, flyers on poles are one thing, but maybe now it's time for some more direct interaction, handing these talking points out to people (at the post office ?) and trying to directly pry their eyes open, perhaps to encourage them to use the net for more than shopping, games and porn : )

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