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everyone is out of jail
by pog Thursday, Nov. 04, 2004 at 5:22 PM (email address validated)

everyone is out

hey everyone!

both of the folks arrested have now been bonded out.

peace and solidarity,


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Keep it going on Saturday
by Ken Thursday, Nov. 04, 2004 at 11:14 PM

hey that's awesome all are free again. I hope everyone out there from wednesday will be back out on the streets saturday to continue this fierce oppostion to this bullshit war and the ignorant imperialist policies of this nation. We gotta keep fighting so lets keep that momentum from wednesday alive!!
Congrats to POG for putting on that march. If not for you, I don't know that I could take this country anymore!

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by 2 Beers Friday, Nov. 05, 2004 at 5:06 AM

I will be out there in solidarity with the silent majority that came out to express our opposition to our governemtn and freedoms being overtaken and oppressed by a bigoted, racist and hateful leftist movement in America. This is a good week for all that is right and good in the world. Tom Daschle is unemployed. GW has a resounding mandate from the vast majority fo the American people who reject the policies of hate and bigotry of the left. And Yassar Arafat is dreaming of those 17 crystal clear raisins that he should be receiving any day now.

So please, join me in a Saturday toast to unity and say good riddance to the dialogue of hate and fear that the American Left has fomented to dominate the political discourse of this country. Join me in hoisting a beer (or two) to peace, love, understanding, tax policy overhaul, social security reform and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Maybe now the American Left will actually take the opportunity for self-reflection that can allow the left to accept the opportuniy to heal and join the rest of America rather than continuing along the path of vitriol and division that the American Left has for far too long embraced.

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not so much a majority
by gwen Friday, Nov. 05, 2004 at 5:40 AM

49% of the voters is 50 million people who are dissatisfied with the way things are. We will keep our outlets and our freedom of opinions, and we will be loud so that the 50 million people who are still out there know they're not alone.

When our own Republican Senator, Arlen Specter, admonishes GWB for pursuing a "mandate", perhaps everyone should consider the tightness of the race and realize that half of the country does not think that GWB's position is all that great.

And further, this particular city didn't vote for GWB .. in fact, one unconfirmed stat I heard from an elections officer is that 80% of this city voted for Kerry. That means even the Republicans (which are a third of the city) voted for him here. Our voices will stand up for our city and half of our country, as well as for ourselves.

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ignorance SUCKS
by Jackie M Friday, Nov. 05, 2004 at 5:57 AM

You guys kill me. HOW IS BUSH RACIST? Also, how can you condone flag burning? the flag has NOTHING to do with bush--it represents your right to be a stupid hippie who doesn't acknowledge the facts and only what you want to hear. Do us a favor-move to the middle east or some 3rd world country so you can see what oppression is all about.

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why move?
by Danny P Friday, Nov. 05, 2004 at 6:11 AM

Why move to a third world country to learn about oppression, when you can just ask any indigenous American?

To say nothing of the slaves or other minority groups...

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by Jackie M Friday, Nov. 05, 2004 at 6:18 AM

Because you aren't being oppressed duh

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duh! like, omg.
by Rachel Friday, Nov. 05, 2004 at 9:24 AM

How is Bush racist??? After meeting with President George W. Bush in 2002, Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso observed that Bush was "still learning." This remark was prompted by a curious question which Bush had asked Cardoso: "Do you have blacks, too?" Instead of posting every link and every article posted because there are hundreds, I'll just let you browse yourself.

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response to the rude chick
by Jackie M Sunday, Nov. 07, 2004 at 6:50 AM

Yeah its easy to make assumptions about people like saying i'm a little valley girl. Thats what you liberals are all about- making generalizations about people and judging them. Besides, do you really believe all these sites are facts? Websites can be made by any shmuck out there. If bush asking the president of Brazil if he had black people, what do you think about Kerry referring to them as "colored" on the debates. I think that screams apartheid---so why don't you shut up and learn facts.

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