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Naive Nader supporters threaten nation
by Daniel Shays Sunday, Sep. 05, 2004 at 4:57 PM

I’ve heard all the arguments these Nader boosters are putting out and, frankly, I find them unbelievably naïve when viewed in the context of the very real threat of neo-fascism becoming entrenched here in the U.S.

With an alleged post-RNC bounce for the Bush regime being reported to run anywhere from two to eleven points, it’s probably time to revisit the threat posed to our freedom by supporters of Ralph Nader. This observer has a particular investment in such a dialogue given that he actively worked for the Greens the last time around. I’m all about most of the issues Nader has been advocating for all these years, but I’m certainly NOT about handing over what remains of democracy, human rights, and the few environmental protections we have to a ruthless gang of neo-con fascists. Can today’s Nader supporters say as much? I don’t think so!

I’ve heard all the arguments these Nader boosters are putting out and, frankly, I find them unbelievably naïve when viewed in the context of the very real threat of neo-fascism becoming entrenched here in the U.S. The long and the short of it is: four more years of the Bush regime will eliminate all the work Ralph Nader and his organizations have done during their entire career, not to mention turn the continental U.S. into a complete police state, gutting the Constitution and shutting down what little political space is left for Greens or any other so-called third party.

But hey, it’s not just flaming rads like me who feel the heat in Uncle Sam’s kitchen, checkout the growing list of disgruntled Republicans who see the Bush regime as a real threat:

And the growing list of Libertarians against Bush:

And Evangelicals against Bush:

And even Bushes against Bush!

So, what’s with these Naderites?? They’re even letting neo-con operatives fund the Nader campaign! That’s bottom feeding at its worse. What can they be thinking? Does the personality cult of Nader have the power to cloud rational minds? It’s not like four more years of neo-con fascism will galvanize the population. Sorry, we entertained that dangerous thought the last time around and look what it got us. Do Ralph’s supporters think that taking a moral stand for Nader instead of holding their nose and voting for the truly lesser evil, which might actually remove the immediate neo-con threat, will earn them karma points? Such feelings of purity or self-righteousness won’t be of much help in some dim internment camp in 2006 or while nursing wounds inflicted by some brownshirt goons in an American Fourth Reich. This is no overstatement. We are in deep shit and there’s little room to maneuver. The biosphere is on the edge and real life 21st century nazi’s are in the nation’s capitol.

Supporting Nader under these conditions is political, perhaps even physical suicide. It’s time these starry-eyed Naderites woke-up and smelled the rotting flesh. Saving what’s left of truth, democracy, the biosphere, and the lives of countless people is THE most important work of our lifetime. Ralph Nader has veered from that course; in fact he’s taken a 180. Do not support him. We’ll deal with the likes of Kerry and his corporado friends in our own time. If the Bush regime regains the White House our time may be up.

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by mark patterson Friday, Oct. 01, 2004 at 7:10 PM 6024820294 2602 e. sierra st.

nader article good, but you missed and blew the point. NASTY NADER HAS NO ELECTORAL VOTES CORRECT?NADER HAD NO ELECTORAL VOTES IN 2000,CORRECT? NO MAN BECOMES PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WITHOUT A ELECTORAL VOTE VICTORY IN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. nader voters are stupid to the point of evil, i correspond with them,college educated fools that obviously failed to take political science.they believe that simply because someone "runs" for president,they can win, wrong, dead wrong, nader is scum,republicans have put him on ballots in iowa,mich,wis,new hampshire and other states as well, nader has never condemned this, nbc news july 24th had republicans braggin about it, bill o'reilly on his factor show asked spoiler about this, NADER TOTALLY SKIPPED THE QUESTION, THE heap of dung. lets get this goon for good, write a article on how he has no electoral votes, no electoral votes ,no president

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