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Press Conference: Regional Anti-War Convergence
by pghimc video collective Thursday, Mar. 11, 2004 at 6:38 PM

Details of the regional anti-war convergence were announced today at a joint press conference today at the Federal Building.

QuickTime movie at 47.1 mebibytes


Welcome: Tim Vining. Executive Director, Thomas Merton Center
Remarks: Ramin Skibba, Pittsburgh Professors for Peace & Justice
Remarks: Judith Focareta, R.N., CODEPINK Pittsburgh
Remarks: Marie Skoczylas, Pittsburgh Organizing Group
Remarks: Renee Wilson, People Against Police Violence
Remarks: Edith Bell, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Remarks: DeShauna Ponton, Military Families Speak Out

link to electronic press kit:

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PG article
by ----------> Friday, Mar. 12, 2004 at 5:39 AM

Full article found here

Pittsburgh Police Chief Robert W. McNeilly Jr. said yesterday that his department has been coordinating with other law enforcement agencies to plan for the protest and ensure public safety. (Can you say Miami Model?)

McNeilly said he imagined some arrests will take place. Although a vast majority of the protesters are expected to be law-abiding citizens, McNeilly said he anticipates an element that will be disruptive.

"We take it very seriously because these are the same people that protested here on previous occasions, and there have been arrests and incidents of criminal mischief," he said.

During past demonstrations in the city, Pittsburgh police officers have provided a fair amount of latitude to protesters before making arrests. Officers will again make efforts to be accommodating, but within reason, McNeilly said.

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Real cute, Junior
by P. Doyle Friday, Mar. 12, 2004 at 8:05 AM

Wow, the leader of a violent drug gang, accusing others of 'criminal mischief'.
Maybe if the gang in blue would donate a share of the proceeds they collect from local dug trafficking, the city's budget crisis would be over quickly. At the very least, they could hire back their laid-off fellow gang members.
Something to consider...

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