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Pittsburgh City Council decides for screwing the poor rather than taxing the rich
by stephen donahue Friday, Jan. 02, 2004 at 3:32 PM

Poor and low wage Pittsburgh residents to get a good dose of "Tough Love."

January 2, 2004

Late in the afternoon on December 31, 2003 the Pittsburgh City Council adopted the operating budget for the next year. In an action that brought loud sighs of relief from the Downtown corporate towers to the Beechwood Boulevard mansions, the City Council decided to forget about all but parking tax revenue and just screw the poor instead. “Bravo!” shouted the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

All public swimming pools and recreation centers in the city will now stay closed. This of course won’t be noticed by those with memberships in a private health club or spa. No, for the elites in this city the New Year looks bright because now they won’t have to shell out any more from their profits for the benefit of an unruly mass of kids from poor neighborhoods who want a place indoors for basketball or a swim.

They call it “tough love.” Yea, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the State General Assembly, the corporate CEOs on Grant Street and the mansion dwellers on Ellsworth Avenue all want to give the city some “tough love.” What do they mean by this? Well, it is really just a very condescending attitude held by their ilk. You know, they don’t want to give us a fish if we are hungry. They want to teach us how to fish instead. Think about it. Did Elsie Hillman ever have to lean how to fish so that she could eat? Did Jane Orie? Did David Roderick? Of course not. How can anybody who has never know what it is like to be in need of anything dare lecture city residents about tough love? No, tough love has nothing to do with love but everything to do with the greed of the rich.

On December 31, 2003 greed won the day. City government is doing its job. Hey Councilman Motznik climb back into your sewer.

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no money to solve, just to ...
by a3m Sunday, Jan. 04, 2004 at 2:59 AM

poor economic decisions, as usual. no money to make kids happy and loved. plenty of money to lock up unloved kids.
Funny how its intrusive to tax em for the good stuff. and they are out demanding the bad shit like more goons?
Never time or money to do the job (liberty equality and justice for all, the persuit of happiness a meaningfull option) right, but always time and money to pick up after greedey shortsighted "conservatives."

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by George K. Wednesday, Jan. 21, 2004 at 4:39 PM

A government can only tax people who WORK. Pittsburgh is rapidly becoming a city of people who do not EARN their income, and cannot be taxed. Yet these are the same people who are whining that their "services" are being cut. Pardon me, but these "services" are only yours if you pay for them through TAXES.
SInce your welfare checks and social security checks are not taxed, you have no right to complain.
And since the city is losing the amount of people that can be taxed, the loss of these "services" is certain to follow, since higher taxes will drive out the remaining workers.

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Re: Taxes
by Trina C. Saturday, Feb. 28, 2004 at 6:17 AM

You must have money! How dare you judge me! I had to move alway from all my friends and family in July because of the greed in Pittsburgh and the lack of jobs and support there is for young families trying to make something of themselves. I grew up poor and my parents worked hard for everything we had! My husband and I busted our butts working and the only thing we collected was medical for our children! We paid our taxes and got nothing but the shaft from our city! My sister is still there busting her butt and paying taxes so tell me were will her children be able to go this year to swim or play? It's not like the jobs there pay enough to pay the bills, feed the famliy, or anything else unless. The city's decision was bull and you know it! It is people like you that make me sick! You are the kind of person that wants to lock up the kids because they are out causing trouble while you take away the only things available to them to keep them out of trouble! You wait and see those poor kids have nothing to do with their time this summer now that will promote them staying out of trouble so what does that leave them? I hope it is your car or house that is first to be attacked. And I hope that the children are not caught doing it. It is honestly your just reward.

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Why is it...
by George K. Friday, Mar. 05, 2004 at 6:11 PM

Why is it the city's responsibility to provide something for "the kids" to do that keeps them out of trouble? Don't they have parents? I was raised poor. Me and my friends: played games outside, rode bicycles, read books from the library, made up games to play, watched t.v., read more books, and, when we were old enough, we got summer jobs (which are plentiful, especially for low-income kids). So don't you preach to me about kids who have nothing to do getting in trouble and targeting my property...all that says to me is "another TYPICAL uneducated (probably minority) who does not know how to discipline children, and teach them to learn". Try not to stereotype yourself and your kids. If they break the law and get caught, they do the time, and they are on the path to a life ruined by their parents lack of knowledge of how to raise a family.
As for jobs and taxes, the entire country is going to hell in a handbasket, and neither the Dems nor Repubs have any kind of answers, but I still maintain my point in my previous answer that the diversity of an oversight board has nothing to do with the performance of the oversight board itself. On matters of social importantce, diversity matters a lot, but in matters of strict financial management, only numbers matter, and the experts in the field can be any color.

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