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Rev. Fred Phelps gets pied
by BBB Wednesday, Jun. 11, 2003 at 7:21 PM

Homophobe Fred Phelps gets pie in his eye

Communiqué from the [Anti Authoritarian Ed.] Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB) - Des Moines, IA Cell
May 31, 2003

We, the recently spawned cell of Des Moines Biotic Baking Brigade claim all responsibility for the pie attack launched in the faces of the Fred Phelps goon squad. Our "pie-rect action" is an expression of our disgust with the social-fascist tendencies of the "God Hates Fags" mob squad and their petty "Westboro Baptist Church." We believe that there are no possibilities for collaboration between us and them and that all attempts and resources for resolution have been exhausted, which is why we put ourselves on the front lines of this new pastry intifada. The fascist tendencies of the Phelps cult include a wide array of disturbing and cruel tactics targeted at homosexuals nationwide. Particularly, the picketing of Mathew Shepard's funeral, the 21 year-old University of Wyoming student who was brutally beaten, tied down to a split-rail fence and left to die, all because he was a homosexual. Today, Phelps and his homophobic goonies attempted to wage their foul war against an innocent gay high school graduate receiving the Mathew Shepard scholarship award. Fred Phelps describes why he opposes the young graduate in his official press release for his protest, "God hates Des Moines Public Schools & Lincoln Public High where the administrators & faculty are Satan's Pied Pipers leading kids to fag sin, death & Hell." But, we know now that the only "Pied" pipers today are Fred Phelps and company.

In solidarity we stand with Gays, Lesbians, Bi-Sexuals and Transsexuals everywhere. With our heads held high and our baked goods in hand, we are the cream topping on the pie tin of gay liberation and we unite under the motto, "There will be no peace, as long as there is pie and there will be pie as long as there are fascists." Fascist gay-bashers everywhere be warned... the pies are in the oven.

DSM-BBB Infantry Division No. 515 (The Angry Marmalades)
Press Department

Police arrest four at anti-gay demonstration

Register Staff Writer

06/01/2003 Police arrested four people who threw cream pies at anti-gay pastor Fred Phelps' followers who were protesting Lincoln High School's graduation Saturday because a gay student was given a scholarship.

Members of Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., kept their word and showed up at Lincoln High School's graduation ceremony at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines. The church members demonstrated at the graduation because senior class president Julius Carter was awarded a college scholarship in honor of Matthew Shepard, the gay Wyoming college student who was tortured and killed in 1998.

The First Friday Breakfast Club, an Iowa association of gay men, also kept its word. The group raised about $80 per minute for the more than half-hour the anti-gay demonstrators stayed, said Drew Gulley, 20, a member of the First Friday Breakfast Club. The money will go toward the organization's education and scholarship funds. The group said it would hold a counterprotest to Phelps' group.

Maj. Russell Underwood said police were on hand Saturday for both groups' safety.

"It's a shame the pies had to be thrown," Underwood said. "I thought we would get by with no arrests. I don't think either side wants violence. They just want to be heard."

Barricades separated Phelps' followers, who stood outside the auditorium holding rainbow-colored signs that said "God hates fags" and "God hates America." Phelps himself did not attend the protest.

A few feet away, barricades also separated counterprotesters, who outnumbered Phelps' group. They held signs reading "God loves everybody. God even loves Fred Phelps. But I'm not God. Am I?"

Shortly before the graduation began, four people dressed in black carrying messenger bags approached Phelps' group and threw cream pies at them.

Police charged Timothy Bossenberg, 22, no address available, Sean Glynn, 20, of Des Moines, Kristen Chilcoat, 19, of Des Moines, and Lacey Hanson, 19, of Altoona, with disorderly conduct.

Police confirmed that Phelps' group had received threatening e-mails.

Jonathan Phelps, a church attorney and member, called the pie throwers criminals. "They don't have any respect for the law," said Phelps, as he wiped off the whipped cream from his laminated sign.

Gay activists passed around a donation hat to collect money to bail the four people out of jail.

Several people approached the anti-gay activists asking them such questions as "What kind of God hates?" or "Don't you have anything else better to do?"

Pastor Dan Holman, 56, traveled from Keokuk to protest with Phelps' group. He stood on a stool and read from the Bible.

"We came here to warn the sodomites that they're on their way to hell. You shouldn't honor a sodomite," said Holman, referring to Carter.

Mary Saltzman, who helped organize the counterprotest, said the anti-gay activists' message went unheard.

"People realize that their hatred wasn't just with Julius, but America and everyone," she said.

Monika Sherman got her first glance at the Westboro Baptist Church protesters as she was about to cross Fifth Avenue.

"Oh, my God," she said. "They should be ashamed of themselves."

Sherman said the day should have been about her son and the other graduates in his class.

Lincoln High students helping with the Saturday's commencement ceremony said the controversy surrounding senior class president Carter has made the school stronger.

"I think it's made more people have Lincoln pride, and it's unified our school," said Jessica Reese, a junior at Lincoln.

Shannon Wenck, also a junior at Lincoln, agreed. She said the students have come together to back Carter.

"Even people who are homophobic support Julius," she said.

Students and teachers all wore rainbow ribbons to Saturday's ceremony in show of their support for Carter. Phelps' group went to Drake University to stage another protest.

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"O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth, That I am meek and gentle with these butchersŠ. Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the pies of war."

-William Shakespeare

The Biotic Baking Brigade.....coming soon to a pie-o-region near you.

PLEASE NOTE: the BBB has a new email address and website URL

Friends of the BBB: c/o POB 40130, San Francisco, CA 94140, Amerika

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