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Vote 'No' on Retention For Judge Kathleen Mulligan on Tuesday
by John Saturday, May. 17, 2003 at 10:37 AM 412-232-0938

Let's send a message that Judicial sexism is unacceptable!

Please vote 'No' on retention for Judge Kathleen Mulligan this Tuesday, May 20th. Pennsylvania has the absolute lowest number of males who have primary custody of minor children out of all fifty states. By voting 'No' on retention for Family Division Judge Kathleen Mulligan, we can send a message that we find our state's sexist practices unacceptable, and that we hold the judges who work within the family division system accountable. A vote of 'No' on retention will remove Judge Mulligan from her current position as a judge within the family division. Judge Kathleen Mulligan was chosen as a symbolic target, a vote against her represents a vote of no confidence in the current court system. Philadelphia has voted out a couple of judges in the past, and the judges that were left were forced to wake up to the idea that they are accountable to the people they allegedly work for, let's tell Pittsburgh's judges we're going to start holding them accountable as well.

This Tuesday's election is a primary election, those of you who are registered to vote but not registered as Republicans or Democrats are still able to vote on referendum questions. Retention of judges is a referendum vote, so you can vote 'No' on retention for Judge Kathleen Mulligan.

Please contact me via e-mail or at 412-232-0938 with any questions, I would be more than happy to discuss this matter.

P.S. -Although I do not personally endorse his opponent, I would recommend voting for whoever is running against Judge Bauer for Superior Court in the Tuesday election. Judge Bauer was REMOVED from his position on the court of common pleas, and he thinks we're dumb enough to elect him to a position on a higher court? Let's tell him we're not buying it!

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Actions (against some judges) speak louder....
by Joanna Rudman Monday, May. 26, 2003 at 3:45 PM

Even here on the West Coast we are concerned with the plight of bias in our "Family Court" system. These judges who are so indifferent to the children's real needs of having equal access to both parents regardless of the family situation should not be hearing our cases. We have a chance to do something, so let's vote them OUT.
Joanna, Sacramento, California

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