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Confront Admitted Sexual Assaulter Rich Mackin
by laura Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 at 12:45 AM (email address validated)

Admitted Sexual Assaulter Rich Mackin plans to perform spoken word at Pittsburgh center Project 1877 Weds 4/2 at 7pm. Project 1877 is being called to not allow Rich to perform in their space, and activists are being called to show solidarity with survivors.

Dear Project 1877,

Rich Mackin has sexually assaulted numerous people in Boston
and around the country. How many we do not know, because more survivors are coming forward every day. We are shocked
that you would host an event by a known perpetrator of sexual violence.

To support survivors, and to continue the fight against partiarchy and all forms of oppression, we must hold Rich
accountable. We cannot allow him to continue any activist work until he has met the demands of the survivors of his
assaults. To quote from the recently released \"Baby, I\'m a Manarchist\" zine , \"Until Rich is able to show the community that he can control his assaultive behaviors, he should certainly not be in radical space, and hopefully other spaces that respect the rights of womyn to be safe would set similar standards. This sort of action serves three
distinct purposes. It keeps space safe for womyn. It sends a message to Rich, that his behavior is unacceptable, and supports him by keeping him away from womyn. And it sends a message to everyone that survivors will be supported, and that assaulters will be challenged.\"

By allowing Rich Mackin and other assaulters in your space, even with the intention of confronting them, you continue the cycle of abuse and oppression. Rich has proven remarkably agile in distorting the facts and manipulating the situation
to portray himself as a victim, rather than as a dangerous assaulter. By providing him with a forum you allow him to continue this pattern of egregious behavior.

We must stop the cycle of sexual assault and oppression, and must therefore take a stand against sexual predators. Rich
Mackin is only one of many assaulters in our communities. As a first step we can create survivor positive spaces. The Lucy
Parsons Center (LPC) has set an example of how to deal with sexual predators - they recently refused to host an event at
which Rich Mackin was to appear and in its place hosted a discussion on sexual assault in activist communities. In announcing this decision, the collective wrote, \"The LPC
space is committed to girls, to women, to survivors. . . not those who oppress and violate them.\"

As survivors and supporters of survivors, we request that you join us in solidarity in creating a space where perpetrators of sexual assault do not feel welcome or

Due to the late nature of this letter, we realize it may be difficult to organize an alternative in the place of the previously scheduled event. Activists who participated in the LPC event would like to support you in creating a
survivor positive space, and are available to assist you in planning something similar in Pittsburgh. You can contact them at


Krista Ciminera
Helen Matthews
Rosie streetpixie
Chandra Batra
Geoffrey McNamara
Jen Millis
Danielle Kilroy
Kasey Henneman
Chad Hapshe
Sarah Sky
Kelly McCoy
Justin Fossey
Justin \"Jed\" Dewyea
Heather Downing
Eowyn Rieke
timberly allen
Toby Briggs
Kathleen McDonough
Jessica Thrall
Sarah Millis
Abi Harper
Meredith Slopen
Tali Pocket
Laura Carrig

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