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Reports of Terrorist Attack in Wilkinsburgh
by Gravin Cinderry Sunday, Mar. 30, 2003 at 6:08 PM

Terrorists reportedly use chemical weapons on pedestrians March 30, 2003

Earlier today a highly organized group known only by a name derived from the Greek word for "citizen" committed an act of terrorism against Pedestrians in Wilkingsburgh, PA which included the use of chemical weapons. The group of about 40 terrorists were armed with a large array of highly specialized instruments, including dark blue uniform dress, several vehicles with quasi-military modifications, body armor and hand-wielded clubs, and small hand-held chemical weapons. Early reports indicate that as many as 4 people have been taken hostage.

The motives of the group, which allegedly has several independent cells operating all across the country, have yet to be determined, but it's believed they are a right-leaning organization in favor of the broad suppression of civil liberties. The government of Greece could not be reached for comment.

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by Gravin Cinderry Sunday, Mar. 30, 2003 at 6:10 PM

Tom Ridge of the Office of Homeland Security also has not commented on the incident, and it is unknown at this time what effect it will have on the current national "Terror Alert" level.

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by Mike Hunt Sunday, Mar. 30, 2003 at 8:49 PM

You need to spell right, Wilkinsburg is spelled without an h at the end you jack ass. So if you are going to bash the police spell the town right.

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grow up!!
by Sean Sunday, Mar. 30, 2003 at 10:34 PM

How quick would you call them Terrorist if they responded to help you in the middle of the night when you are being robbed. or beat down.......?

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by concerned AMERICAN Sunday, Mar. 30, 2003 at 11:49 PM

these terrorists were using CHEMICAL WEAPONS!! havent you been watching CNN?? only the terrorists have chemical weapons. i mean come on! only a brutal dictator like saddam would gas his own people. we need to fight terrorism!!

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by Boston Sunday, Mar. 30, 2003 at 11:59 PM

Maybe we should send your weak ass to the middle east so that you can see terrorist really close. The worst part about all of this is that these "terrorists cells" defend your rights to be complete IDIOTS!!

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by .... Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 at 2:14 AM

Where the hell did you hear this??? I would really like to know!!!!!!!

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by jwg Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 at 8:23 AM

and you, my friend are a genius!

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Flame wars are pointless...
by Troy Shelley Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 at 11:17 AM

To the people who infest this site:

If you think that all your "Get the fuck out of America" "Pro-War is cool" "I drive an SUV" "Go bush" rhetoric is wearing thin. After hearing this same Yenzer comments from the lot of you so many times, they are definately falling on deaf ears. You yell Constantly about us being violent, but then when you post you shove violence at us. We actually enjoy having conversations with pro-war, when the issues are actually being discussed. Not when you verbally bash peace protesters.
And to the marine who wrote the poem:
I understand you feel that you are protecting me and my rights, but if it wasn't for you I would be in no different of a situation. If I don't want to be here I can leave, true, but alas *sigh* this solution has it's faults. I would gladly go overseas and help the innocent Iraqi children, but I am kinda stuck here. So if you all, soldier types, think we should be over there send us a plane ticket. I would go in a heartbeat to do my part as a human being, not as an AMERIKAN citizen. I am being as serious as I can be right now.
Since I have the possibility of getting ship to Iraq now I would like to say this. I will die in front of a school or hospital, protecting innocents there a hell of alot quicker than I would save any one of you when the shit does hit the proverbial fan.

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mario lemieux peppersprayed
by pizzaman Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 at 12:47 PM

Mario Lemieux was reportedly kicked and peppersprayed by Pittsburgh Police in the Mellon Arena training room today, due to repeated clogging of downtown traffic. Detectives interviewed several angry motorists who have been delayed in returning home from downtown over the course of the past few months, and felt pepperspray was a justified use of force. Another disruptive hockey game had been scheduled for 7:30pm this evening.

In a related note, construction workers on the Fort Pitt tunnels are reportedly shitting thier collective workpants over a possible police intervention. "If those protesters only slowed traffic for a few minutes, we're screwed," said Biff Harvey, age 32. "Traffic won't be going through here until August. I have no clue what kind of force is justified for that. I knew I should have had my sperm frozen! Me and my wife wanted to try to have another kid..."

Pirates ownership were unavailable for comment.

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really sad
by Switzerland Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 at 1:01 PM

The postings to this site are getting sadder by the minute. Everyone is farther from coming together than ever. It is a shame to see so many Americans so concerned with the plight of citizens of Iraq and then just downright vicious with eachother.

As for the April Fool's day mock Pro-war rally....that really sounds like the biggest waste of effort of I have read to date. It's not funny, it's not clever. Why don't you try to think of omething more constructive to do with your time? Trying to add that kind of humor to this situation that you feel so strongly about just seems kind of sick to me.

Pronunciation: (hi-pok'ru-sE)
—pl. -sies.
1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.
2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

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How many languages
by for Switzerland Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 at 2:45 PM

In how many languages can you spell COINTELPRO, my friend?

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by . Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 at 2:54 PM

yes, we're not with you so we must be part of The Man's System. It couldn't possibly be that we just disagree, not without a serious lack of education, right? That's the party line isn't it? If you don't agree with us you haven't been educated. That's a wonderfully enclusive attitude.

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re:How many languages
by Switzerland Monday, Mar. 31, 2003 at 2:58 PM

I guess since it's an acronym, I could probably spell it in every language.

But seriously-that's a pretty harsh statement. Maybe I could accept being called a devil's advocate, but I don't even know about that. I am just sitting on the fence trying to figure out everything that is going on, and I rant when I feel moved to do so. I hardly find my statements threatening to the Anti-war movement.

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by for Switzerland Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2003 at 12:08 AM

OK, so we are all getting a little heated-up here. I apologize for accusing you of being a provocateur (and COINTELPRO would not make sense used in another language -- and some languages have different alphabets, so I dunno about your claim).

But more seriously, I don't get why an April Fool's protest as described would be hypocritical. We are trying to point out the absurdity of some of the claims and slogans used by those who support this war.

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by . Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2003 at 12:14 AM

We are trying to point out the absurdity of some of the claims and slogans used by those who support this war.

like the absurd claims that we're only over there for oil? Or that this is an illegal war? Or that war is never the answer?

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by jwg Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2003 at 1:31 AM

or 'absurd' claims like those who control the economy care at all about your well being, or will help you when you need it, or will not assault you for your counter-opinions.

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by Switzerland Tuesday, Apr. 01, 2003 at 10:26 AM

Thanks for the apology, no offense taken-I have a pretty thick skin. As for the language thing-often in translation when an acronym is used , if there is no localized term for the acronym, then it would be left in English and then followed in parenthesis by a translation or transliteration. That's what I meant.

Back to the subject of the mock anti-war rally. I can see where it would seem humorous if you are completely against the war and you have reached a certain level of frustration with the counter-attacks you feel you've experienced from the police and pro-war folks.

But it will really promote any further enlightenment for the anti-war movement. You may get people to notice you, but you've done that in all the other forms. You aren't going to engage anyone by ridiculing them. I think it is pretty safe to say you will just further alienate people from actually seeing the good points of your argument if you trick them into honking or believing you are for war, and then make them feel like an ass through a mimicry of their beliefs. It's not the best way to go about things, especially with such a sensitive subject. As more Americans are getting killed, and more are getting deployed, your message may come across as demeaning the lives of people's relatives and friends who are over there. I don't think that is the message you want to get across. A mock rally will just put more people on the defensive and alientate your cause even further. But that's just my opinion.

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