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a brief history of the bush clan war crimes
by daniel bowers Thursday, Mar. 20, 2003 at 12:34 PM

Who says that this all began with osama bin laden and saddam hussein? the bush's have been setting up dictators and knocking them down for a century or more.

A History of the bush's war crimes.

Its always been about resources and the greed. In 1917 the United States was heavily involved in World War I, a war which ended in the redivision of global geographical boundaries, was it a war to establish the New World Order? Samuel Bush, son of Reverend James Smith Bush, was the director of arms and ammunition for the U.S. Forces, he was also owner of Buckeye steel. With each bullet, bomb, and tank deployed Bush made money for his fellow steel owners, like J.P. Morgan (who funded the Nazis). 1
His grandson George H.W. learned well. In 1953, Bush got money from Brown Brothers Harriman (Avirill Harriman aided the Nazis and later became Ambassador to Russia) and, with partners Hugh and Bill Liedtke, formed Zapata Petroleum. By the late 1950s they were millionaires. Bush bought subsidiary Zapata Off-Shore from his partners and went into business on his own in 1954. By 1958, the new company was drilling on the Cay Sal Bank in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. These islands had been leased to Nixon supporter and CIA contractor the previous year and were later used as a base for CIA raids on Cuba. The CIA was using companies like Zapata to stage and supply secret missions attacking Fidel Castro’s Cuban government in advance of the Bay of Pigs invasion. The CIA’s codename for that invasion was “Operation Zapata.” In 1981, all Securities and Exchange Commission filings for Zapata Off-Shore between 1960 and 1966 were destroyed. In other words, the year Bush became vice president, important records detailing his years at his drilling company disappeared. In 1969, Zapata bought the United Fruit Company of Boston, another company with strong CIA connections. 2 He was able to profit from covert war as head of the C.I.A. Today he still profits from war as a member of the Carlyle corporation. 2
George W. Bush learned much from his grandfather Prescott Bush. The whole Bush Clan saw an opportunity to profit from the remaining resources and forced cheap labor. Prescott Bush was a financier and director of Union Banking Corporation(UBC). 3 Up to 1939 Prescott provided Hitler with the money needed to start World War II -an extension of WWI- after the war Prescott Bush would help his cronies (including nazis supporters) to become ambassadors and in other powerful positions when he was a senator. George H. W. Bush enabled Saddam Hussein to come into power, and allowed him to buy weapons of mass destruction, similar to what his dad did with Hitler. George H. W. Bush put a global restriction on resources(through his corporate and political control), then he used his position as head of the United States to start World War III - a continuation of WWWI - Next George H.W. attempts an invasion of another country, just like Granpa's man Hitler. 4 In the process he will go against world opposition, just like grandpa's man. After the war, or in this case wars are over George H.W. will have bankrupted his country just like Hitler. If only he had itellegence on Sept.11 2001 like he had on Harken. 5 it may well be that he had known of the Sept.11 attacks, but doesn't America always go to war like this?
Samuel's biggest war crime was to teach himself and his children that it is easier to profit from war than to work hard for peace. If the first world spent as much sharing with the second and third world as they do to control them with legalism and military force then peace would be easy. Samuel's crime has been every Bush's crime. It would appear that with all the opportunnities available, the Bush's have consistently chosen positions of wealth and prosperity over kindness and equality. We have all had relatives killed by this families mistakes. It is time to face the facts and realize that history is repeating itself. Do we really want a hundred years more war? It is time to boycott The Bush's plans for an Empire, a hundred years ago the world was just learning about cars and planes, now the war machines kill the search for knowledge. If we can seize control again and can maintain civilised, which it looks possible, we can achieve the great social miracles preached about in all the scriptures. Yes, there are many greedy men and then you will find suffering. There you will find slavemasters and careless despots who live richly, while others live poor. You will find innocent people dying at their hands. Soon enough the greedy lose their resources and power. In 2000 a hudred and a few years after it was founded by Samuel Bush Buckeye steel went belly up and closed it doors for good, leaving more Americans without jobs.

Isn't it time we move towards being an agrarian society? Can't we feed the hungry and tend to the sick?

1. Hjalmar Schacht
Perhaps no other individual than Schacht was responsible for getting Hitler in power. Schacht was an American from Brooklyn who was the main money man for the Nazi party. He organized the money from the Royal British Monarchy's Montague Norman, as well as from members of the Wall Street 'Tory faction' such as Prescott Bush, the Harrimans, J.P. Morgan, and so forth, who were funding the Nazi war drive as late as 1941. Roosevelt shut down Prescott Bush's bank under the "Trading with the Enemy Act", several months after the US had already entered the war. These banks were funding the main steel and war companies, which in turn were funding the Nazi war drive that was killing Americans. The point of this sponsoring of Hitler, was to get Germany and Russia into a prolonged war, where the British empire would attack their respective flanks, after they were both weakened. This detailed presentation will lay out, step by step, the story of the Thule society, Schacht, and the real rise and fall of the London-Wall Street backed Nazi party.
American banks have also been implicated in assistance to Nazi Germany including J.P. Morgan, Guaranty Trust of New York, Bank of the City of New York, Chase National Bank and American Express
2.. He served as Gerald Ford’s Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) from November 1975 to January 1977. As head the CIA, Bush was answerable only to President Ford. He was supposedly the first CIA “outsider” to hold the agency's top position. During his tenure as DCI he maintained a policy of disinformation and secrecy, despite a public show of cooperation with congressional investigations of CIA abuses such as assassination plots using Mafia hit men. In September 1976, Chilean dissident leader Orlando Letelier was assassinated in Washington D.C. by agents of DINA, Chile’s secret police. The CIA knew of such plots, and the two assassins entered the U.S. using fake Paraguayan passports. But the FBI was kept in the dark about this information.
In 1979, the year before he campaigned for the Republican nomination for president, Bush claimed a nuclear war was winnable. Ronald Reagan won the 1980 nomination and chose Bush as his running mate. As vice president, Bush cast three tie-breaking votes to renew chemical weapons production, supported sale of missiles to “terrorist” Iran and the illegal arming of the Nicaraguan contras and other paramilitary groups he called “freedom fighters. He also chaired The Presidential Task Force on Deregulation which, according to Mary Fricker in her book Inside Job, “set the tone” for bank deregulation which led to the savings and loan financial disaster of the 1980s.In 1979, the year before he campaigned for the Republican nomination for president, Bush claimed a nuclear war was winnable. Ronald Reagan won the 1980 nomination and chose Bush as his running mate. As vice president, Bush cast three tie-breaking votes to renew chemical weapons production, supported sale of missiles to “terrorist” Iran and the illegal arming of the Nicaraguan contras and other paramilitary groups he called “freedom fighters. He also chaired The Presidential Task Force on Deregulation which, according to Mary Fricker in her book Inside Job, “set the tone” for bank deregulation which led to the savings and loan financial disaster of the 1980s.
Since he left office, ex-President and ex-CIA Director George Bush, working as a consultant, has been using his influence and contacts for the Washington-based Carlyle Group, a $12 billion private equity firm and eleventh largest defense contractor in the U.S. Carlyle's portfolio is heavily invested in defense and telecommunications firms.The Bin Laden family has large investments in Carlyle. The New York Times has reported that former President George Bush met with the bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia in 1998 and 2000. Bush senior's Carlyle connection means he is on the payroll of corporate interests that receive defense contracts from the U.S. government while his son is president. Charles Lewis of the Washington-based Center for Public Integrity, indicated that "in a really peculiar way, George W. Bush could, some day, benefit financially from his own administration's decisions, through his father's investments."

3. The largest company Bush's UBC helped finance was the German Steel Trust, responsible for between one-third and one-half of Nazi iron and explosives.
4. New "war on terrorism" and "law and order" programs involving the Department of Justice and HUD, such as Project "Safe Streets," "Weed and Seed," and the almost hysterical "Uniting and Strengthening America (USA) Act," butcher the Constitution and are harbingers of an already emerging police state. The Congress, the Supreme Court, and the press fail to condemn the current Bush administration's onslaught against constitutional rights. Bush/Ashcroft defenders claim that secret trials for any person deemed to be a terrorist are legal. The earlier congressional and White House investigations into the CIA drug connection also demonstrate the heedless arrogance and blatant criminality of a system out of control.
The insanity of the present system is indicated by such runaway crises as:
a monstrous derivatives bubble, to the tune of about 20 trillion dollars, that's about to burst
a stock market that will almost inevitably crash and burn--even beyond its recent gargantuan losses
a resultant economic crash
the Bush regime's mad plan
to blame the economic crash on the "terrorist attacks"
to further cannibalize the American economy:
$40 billion for the military
$60 billion in tax cuts
$12 billion to the airlines
$20-$40 billion to beef up the intelligence agencies
to cover its fascist police-state regime with Reichstag fire-type propaganda: "we have to fight against terrorism by giving up our freedom"
many of these companies support and/or have military contracts:IBM *$1.4 billion rebate, Ford*,$1 billion rebate, GM*, $833 million rebate,GE *$671 million rebate, Texas Utilities $608 million rebate, DaimlerChrysler $600 million rebate, ChevronTexaco $572 million rebate, United Airlines $371 million rebate, Enron $254 million rebate, Phillips Petroleum $241 million rebate, American Airlines $184 million rebate, IMC Global $155 million rebate, Comdisco $144 million rebate, CMS Energy $136 million rebate,Kmart $102 million rebate

5. On June 22, 1990, George Jr. sold two-thirds of his Harken stock for $848,560-a cool 200 percent profit. The move was well timed. One week after Junior sold his stock, Harken announced a $23.2 million loss in quarterly earnings and Harken stock dropped sharply, losing 60 percent of its value over the next six months. On August 2, 1990, Iraqi troops moved into Kuwait and 541,000 U.S. forces were deployed to the Gulf.
"There is substantial evidence to suggest that Bush knew Harken was in dire straits in the weeks before he sold the $848,560 of Harken stock," asserted U.S. News & World Report. The magazine noted Harken appointed Junior to a 'fairness committee' to study possible economic restructuring of the company. Junior worked closely with financial advisers from Smith Barney, Harris Upham & Company, who concluded "only drastic action could save Harken."

Like his son George H.W. and grandson George W., Prescott Bush, was a Yale graduate and member of Yale’s secretive Skull and Bones Society. Before becoming senator from Connecticut (1952-1963), Prescott was the longest-sitting member of the board of directors of Dresser Industries, a Dallas-based oil drilling equipment supply company.

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