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rowdy students call to action!
by Rowdy Students Brigade Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 9:23 AM

A call for students to bring signs, banners, and implements of noisemaking to the gathering at student strike at Pitt.

Whereas, the Bush administration is about to jump into a senseless war that will kill countless innocent civilians, and,

Whereas, students will be striking against the war the day after the bombing is escalated, and,

Whereas, we must make as much noise as possible to voice our opposition to this war, be it

Resolved, that the Rowdy Students Brigade wants YOU to bring signs, banners, implements of noisemaking, etc. to the 12 noon gathering at student strike (either outside by the food trucks across from Hillman Library or in Posvar Hall in case of inclement weather). Then follow us as we make our voice heard!

Drums are encouraged!

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by bucket Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 9:26 AM

perhaps members of the PLA Bucket Brigade will be present??

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rowdy kids
by PLAer Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 10:35 AM

i think that the infamous PLA bb could be convinced to make a showing.. we'll have to learn some new non-cheesy-ass songs to sing, though, methinks..

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oh ya.
by pla'er Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 10:52 AM

I'm so there. Not too much playing though. We's gots to save ourselves for the federal building and downtown.

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by PLA'er Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 12:56 PM

Singing ... I dunno' ... good rowdy chants like we did later on Saturday would be hott. (drumdrumdrum ... Stop the Killing, Go on Strike ... drumdrumdrum .... No Blood For Oil, Go on Strike!)

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Worthless Students Brigade
by George K. Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 1:22 PM

I read your boards in amazement. Your group is so isolated and childish, that words cannot describe. I just completed a nice read about rolling dumpster tactics. What tripe. Don't you understand that anything you do that will effect action must utilize violence that is now being used by the people you are protesting? You are a group of idiots. The "war" is a just one, and it is inevitable, and your "peace" protests mean absolutely nothing to most people here in Pittsburgh, Beaver County, Washington County, etc... What you are, are a bunch of unsatisfied, pseudo-intellectual, non-practical, unskilled, socialists. You would not know how to support your country in a time of need if the situation presented itself in glaring technicolor at your feet. What does your group choose to do? You chose to support a brutal dictator, who has done far worse to the general well-being of the human race than the United States ever has done in its breif history of 400 years or so. Study world history, you idiots. World domination is a natural occurance, and since we generally have a more "moral" country than most others on the planet, you should make the attempt to support US actions, not try to grab some of your own slice of 15 minutes at a meaningless convention of do-nothing people on a sunny afternoon.
Your comrades march in the streets warbling for peace, while the dictators of the world are repressing the people that need US help to break away from their repressors. Staging a sit-in in Iraq, and rolling a dumpster into the street will not save any babies there that Saddam allows to starve, will it? People are dying, US bombing or not. Your peace movement is misguided and insignificant. The "millions" worldwide protesting that I have seen on other independant media sites are laughable as well. Nothing these people do will stop what needs to be undertaken by the countries involved.
And quit the whining about the UN resolutions. The United States CREATED the UN and the US can DISMANTLE the UN too. The UN is just a set of mutual agreements, that will not hold together if we decide not to play anymore. Besides, why should a pissant little country like CAMROON be considered an equal to the US when voting in the UN? They are not our equal. Neither are France, Germany, and Russia.
Now go push that dumpster back, boys and girls.

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by commentorite Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 2:40 PM

"SHOULD"? what on earth is your basis for shoulding? “worse”, “better”, “moral”; the thoughts inside the human skull do not necessarily extend into reality! thats a bunch of liberal hogwash and conservative claptrap! its great how things can be dismissed by terming them THINGS. "thats just socialist" completely dismisses an entire school of thought, a shortcut for thinking for things not deemed suitable for human understanding. i love america!

of course, liberal or bourgeois peace in my opinion wont really "help" anything. saddam will still be there, capitalism will still exploit -in some form at least. BLAH BLAH. personally, im not trying to stop war, or even end war. im trying to reorganize society in the interest of the human species -instead of in the interests and command of the owners of property and capital! you may think its stupid, but unless we act in the interest deoxyribonucleic acid, how can life continue to exist, let alone extend itself beyond the atmosphere? we are mere vessels of DNA, the chemical reaction will continue, if we are to be a mere dead end we shall eventually annihilate ourselves, taking a significant portion of the diversity of the chemical replication of dna with us, perhaps. we have attained the position of being able to spread our chemical reaction to the stars, instead we tend to a domination of the very same chemical reaction as ourselves. it makes little sense to me and spells the doom of this particular manifestation of the deoxyribonucleic acid replication vessel.

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someone needs to look up the word "natural"
by sharpie Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 3:15 PM

My favorite part of George K.'s hysterically moronic comment (and it was so hard to pick a favorite!) is this: "Study world history ... World domination is a natural occurance." I've checked my history book, and, yep, this "world domination" you speak of has in fact never happened. How's that for natural? The world's most extensive empires of conquest have never included more than a fifth of global land area. The Soviet Union weighed in at just over 15%.

It was also very helpful for you to put "moral" in quotation marks, Georgie. It helped me put in context the code of "ethics" that makes us the only western industrialized nation without universal health care. That allows us to practice capital punishment, to the horror of the civilized world. We are the richest nation in the world, and yet 17% of our children are raised in poverty. You helped me remember that in this country "morality" is a code word for hate, insensitivity and greed. Take your "morality" and stuff it up your nose.

You might want to brush up on your history, Georgie. (And I'd suggest you might take a refresher course on morality as well. You seem like you might be a bible-reader. Remember the part about "love thy neighbor"?) The United States did play a crucial war in the formation of the United Nations, because FDR and Truman to a lesser degree recognized that the failure of international law led to the calamities of World War II. You might want to go back and read over the last sentence a few more times, before you go on calling for the dissolution of the UN.

International law is what prevents world wars. If you think starting a world war is "worth it" if it protects vital US interests, why not have a chat with your dad, or your grandfather, and see if they feel the same way.

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by sharpie Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 3:19 PM

You can probably tell that the sentence above is supposed to read:

The United States did play a crucial <b>part</b> in the formation of the United Nations, because FDR and Truman to a lesser degree recognized that the failure of international law led to the calamities of World War II.

Seems like I have war on the brain. And who could be responsible for that? Now, it could be our war-crazed president, and the daffy quacks who advise him.

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by Evan N Monday, Mar. 17, 2003 at 5:10 PM

George come to the next rally and approach someone and have a discussion with them, if you aren't too scared to be disproven. Just walk up to anyone and ask them why they are against tthe war and i am sure they would love to have a civilized debate with you. I know i would.

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George is Ignorant.
by Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2003 at 2:19 AM

George, go and get your head out of your Arse and wake the Fek up.

There is NO Proof of Weapons Of Mass Destruction. It is a Non Issue. You'd know that if you stopped watching CNN (Communist & Nazi News?), FAUX News, M$NBC or what ever oil soaked press publication you've been indoctrinated with.

I bet you didn't realize that Powell's address at the UN was based on a dossier copied from a student dissertation that was 12 years old - verbatim and with the same spelling mistakes. That's the incontravertible evidence he supplied. But I quess you didn't hear about that scandal in the UK press, because you were too busy Duct-Taping your Brain to Your Arse. After that Fake Orange Alert that came out The Very Same Day that the 'Student Dossier' Story broke out in the UK, eh?

Here. Go catch up on what you will not find on TV:

here' is some commentary from the guy who runs this fine daily news service:


Well, right off the bat, I find it amazing that Bush can keep a straight face while going on about how Iraq has bugged and deceived the UN, especially after revelations that the US bugged the UN, and Colin Powell's plagiarized student paper and the fake nuclear documents.

Bush is pounding on UN Resolution 1441, ignoring the fact that it is up to the UN to decide if Iraq has defied the resolution and what to do about it, and the UN has made their decision quite clear.

Bush has mentioned the Congressional authorization for force passed last year, neglecting to mention that the Congressional authorization required proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a link between Iraq and 9-11. No such link exists, although there was a fraudulent attempt to make one.

Bush has, as expected, demanded that Saddam and his sons leave Iraq. Bush has specifically demanded that the oil wells not be destroyed, claiming that they belong to the Iraqi people. Well, if they belong to the Iraqi people, then the US cannot presume to tell the Iraqi people what to do with those wells. The instant Bush presumes to order the Iraqi people what to do or not do with the wells, he makes it clear that the US intends to usurp all rights to those wells, public posturing to the contrary notwithstanding. If those wells belong to the Iraqi people, and they want to destroy them to keep them from Americans, Bush cannot try to stop them while pretending that oil is not the issue. If WMDs and regime change are the reasons for the war, and the oil does belong to the Iraqi people, then under any definition of democracy the people of Iraq do have a right to destroy those wells that belong to them. For Bush to openly deny that right proves that it is the oil he is after.

So, to sum up, Bush is demanding that the government of Iraq, which has never attacked the United States, turn over the entire nation of Iraq, oil included (oil especially), to US control. It's a hijacking on a national scale, and all Bush's fake evidence and fraudulent claims cannot erase the fact that there is no proof for any of his excuses for war, there is only the war itself.

Bush's proclamation of concern for the Iraq people is touching, but stands in stark contrast to the "shock and awe" massive bombing campaign designed to terrorize the Iraqi people into instant surrender. There is no way to claim one is merely out to target the dictator while bombing civilian centers with thousands of missiles in the first 48 hours. "Shock and awe" is an act of terror against civilians equal to the firebombing of Dresden, except that in this case, we are attacking a country that has not made war on us.

In all honesty, Bush came across as bluffing. I think Bush knows he cannot survive a prolonged war in Iraq because of the rising tide of international and domestic opposition. Bush's speech is a last desperate gamble to get Saddam and/or Iraq's military to fold and quit the game, so that Bush can declare instant victory before the body bags start coming home.

Maybe the bluff will work. That would sure save a lot of lives on both sides of the line. But frankly, I doubt it. The Iraqis have seen how the US treats its conquered nations and how it keeps pre-war promises once the war is over. Afghanistan is a good example. Despite all the rhetoric about how life would improve in Afghanistan under US control, life is pretty much worse for the 95% of the population who are not Hamid Karzai's (aka The President from UNOCAL) good buddies. Karzai has to be protected by US troops; that is how scared he is of the Afghani people. The Iraqi people have seen this. The Iraqi people remember Iran under the US-backed Shah. The Iraqi people know how the Chileans suffered under US-backed Pinochet. The Iraqi people have seen the lies coming out of the US, including the fake nuclear papers and dossiers cribbed from 12-year-old student reports. The Iraqi people have no reason to believe Bush's promises about anything. And the Iraqi people remember that they survived the last US war.

Above all the Iraqi people hate Bush (elder and junior), and Bush sometimes forgets how people filled with hate can overcome high-tech weaponry with very low-tech tricks. That was one of the lessons learned in Vietnam, since forgotten. Iraq knows that the US promised a quick victory in Afghanistan. Iraq knows that the battles are still going on in the hills.

So, I think Bush is trying to bluff his way out of actually having to go to war. And I don't think Saddam or the Iraqi people will go for it, because Saddam and the Iraqi people know that time is on their side. The longer the war goes, the worse it will be for the invaders. Blair's government is getting ready to throw him out. Portugal's legislature is starting the process as well. Howard's government is openly talking about a war crimes trial. Saddam does not have to conquer the invaders, he only has to evade them, to survive them. The US has already bombed Iraq into rubble over the last several months. There isn't that much left to destroy.

I think Bush painted himself (and Blair) into a corner he cannot get out of, and is trying to bluff his way out.

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by George K. Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2003 at 10:54 AM

What I find REALLY funny, is that i read that website every day. WRH does link to a variety of news sources, but, overall, it is a political action website, and the author has its own agenda. Just look at his funny paypal scandal. I also predicted the conspiracy theorists would be crawling out of the woodwork with the Columbia tragedy, and WRH has its own page dedicated to some of that crap.
The biggest tragedy on WRH is his devotion to making the attempt to connect 9/11 to the Mossad. Then I link to all of the other "tin-foil hat" wearing websites he links too, that talk about the controlled demolition of the towers and I dismiss the site pretty quickly.
Also, he gets a lot of his links from, which claims to be an indy media site, but it is also an e-commerce site that hawks such thinks as "magnetic Bracets" and the lot. All based on junk science, if you can even dignify that stuff with the word science in the title. Then there are pictures of ghosts and UFO's and other "stuff".
Before you try and legitemize your arguements with news sources, understand where they are coming from. Colin Powell didn't!
It boils down to this Vox....your country is going to invade another, and the US has lined up, by friendliness or by scare tactics, or by (shudder) MONEY, enough allies to flip the bird to an irrelevant UN. We gave the UN a chance to see that they were being misled by Saddam Hussein.
Now the Job is up to the US and its coalition to extract this person from his lair and free his population from fear, which is something that YOU don't understand.

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George K. - A Phoney
by Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2003 at 11:49 AM

George K.

Funny how you can't even address the fact that the many of the sources of news on are legitimate. Instead you focus on whatever you can hang your Tin Foil Hat and shallow rhetoric on.

Any Items advertised on such sites are there to provide a funding source to help maintain the sites. What does not 'SELL' anything other than Advertising space as a means of support.

Sad how you won't look at the real issues brought up, but attempt to discredit through the 'old boy' school of ridicule.

It is obvious that you only took a shallow look at what was presented - then extrapolated a charade of 'conspiracy theory' / 'loony tooney' / 'alien abduction' rhetoric to try to discredit any meaningful information that sits in front of you.

There is little one can do with people like you, Other than express pity at the fact that you can't look beyond your own warped self-righteous logic and denial.

You choose to deny the facts I presented, and instead bring up whatever morcels of tripe that you can evolve into some semblance of arguement as an answer to the issues given. I'm sorry but somehow your brain has shut out what is actually important and then diverted itself towards *ANY* thing that could hold the remotest possibility of discredit; Cheap and Easy trick of diversion of attention. Denial through fear of something one deos not understand. It is a base, gut-instinct.

Lets entertain your claim that you really do read that website regularly. You'd know exactly where the reports of Powell's plagiarized 12 year old student paper came from. (certainly not from any conspiracy 'trash-rag')

I suggest you read up on the mossad stuff. If the evidence shows the possibility of Mossad complicity, then one should take it into consideration. Instead, you have obviosly taken it at face value - at which point your belief system's denial mentality kicks in. You give the impression that you have an open mind, but you back your 'logical conclusions' through pure misdirection.

I certainly do not take mossad complicity as being the ONLY possibility behind terrorist shepherding and handling. There is plenty else by way of substance to show that the CIA, ISI, and MI6, and Al Qaeda all had a hand in the charade. But of course you knew that, because you've kept abreast of what has not been reported in the news over here. So I guess you have a good idea behind the methods of compartmentalised duality and dichotomy of behind covert Intelligence operations, don't you?

Perhaps it is you who should be removing the Tinfoil Hat that has been baking your head.

Sorry George K. , but you are an intellectual fraud.

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by nerdette Wednesday, Mar. 19, 2003 at 2:29 PM

if we're so idiotic, why does he take the time to read our message boards and respond to our posts? interesting, indeed.

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Response to jingoism
by Joseph Thursday, Mar. 20, 2003 at 8:36 AM

It is truly unfortunate that war supporters like George K. subscribe to the very jingoism and arrogance that encourages anti-American sentiment worldwide. I have a few things to say to Mr K. First of all, I think I speak for many when I say that anti-war does NOT equal pro-Saddam. No one maintains that Saddam is not a ruthless dictator. Second, I encourage YOU to open a history book or two. In terms of numbers of people killed, I encourage you to investigate the atrocities that this nation has committed in its brief (yes, i before e Mr K.) history. Third, it is true that France, Germany, and Russia are neither militarily nor economically equal to the USA. Still, what the world needs is balance of power and rule of law, not hegemonic violence. What the world needs now more than ever is rule of law and a balance of power. Might does NOT make right. Take a moment to consider what the laws of this country mean to you. Would you choose to prosecute a stronger, more powerful man who decides to, say, take your car? Why? According to your belief system there should be nothing wrong with the stronger beating on the weaker. It's only "natural."
I feel sorry for you and your limited world-view. I urge you to seriously consider your arguments and their implications. The USA was founded on the rule of law by men escaping a despotic regime. Your argument unravels the very fabric of America. Open a histoy book.

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by voxfux Wednesday, Jul. 16, 2003 at 4:05 AM

The above poster who is using the name voxfux is NOT voxfux.

voxfux administrator

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