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City Council Anti-War Resolution
by Vikram Kambampati Saturday, Feb. 22, 2003 at 11:50 AM (email address validated)

This Tuesday (2-25-03) the Pittsburgh City Council will consider a resolution opposing war in Iraq. More pressure on council is needed.

Councilor Bill Peduto (Shadyside) is circulating an anti-war resolution among other Pittsburgh City Council members. He said that he will introduce a resolution at the next city council meeting, this Tuesday at 10am.

Such a resolution would add to the growing list of about 100 cities that passed antiwar resolutions, including L.A., Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Philly, Baltimore, and D.C. A resolution passed in Pittsburgh would voice opposition to the national government through a local political body. It would also result in a win for the local anti-war movement.

We also need to hold our local leaders accountable to the fact that this war will drain away resources for important public services in Pittsburgh. It is estimated that a best-case scenario of war would cost $100 billion. So even less money will come from national and state governments for public education (including university funding), heating aid, and so on.

So, while those like Councilor Bob O'Connor (Squirrel Hill, Oakland), who heaps scorn on anti-war activist by accusing them of the seditious act of drinking French wine, may not believe that 500,000 civilian deaths from another war brings the human cost into question, they should care that local Pittsburghers will suffer economically. And this guy is going to work for Gov. Rendell in Western PA's economic development office? Let's get real.

The Anti-War Committe is asking everyone to do two things:

1. Call council members and tell them to pass the resolution.

North Side (District 1) -- Barbara Burns -- (412) 255-2135

Mt Washington (District 2) -- Alan Hertzberg -- 255-8963

South Side, Central Oakland (District 3) -- Gene Ricciardi -- 255-2130

Brookline (District 4) -- James Motnick -- 255-2131

Point Breeze, Sq. Hill (South), Regent Square (District 5) -- 255-8965

Central North Side, Downtown, Hill District, Strip (District 6) -- Sala Udin -- 255-2134

Highland Park, Bloomfield, E.Liberty, Garfield (District 7) -- vacant, call Sala Udin -- 255-2134

Bloomfield, Friendship, N/W Oakland, Shadyside, Sq. Hill North (District 8) -- Bill Peduto -- 255-2133

E. Liberty, Homewood, Garfield, Friendship
(District 9) -- Twanda Carlisle -- 255-2137

If otherwise unknown or you live outside the city, call Council President Gene Ricciardi -- 255-2130

2. Attend a rally at the next city council meeting. This Tuesday (2-25-03), 9:30am, at the city-county building (Forbes and Grant).

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