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Communique From Members of the Breakaway March
by Submitted via Anonymous Email Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003 at 12:29 PM

Communique and Explanation of Property Destruction During Breakaway March

Communique from the Anarchist Black Bloc

It is estimated by UNICEF that since sanctions were imposed on Iraq that Iraqi children are dying at twice the rate that they were 10 years ago. This statistic is also confirmed by the Middle East Research and Information Project, which states that the infant mortality rate has gone down by 160%. The same report cites the devastating bombardment of southern Iraq by American forces, where most of Iraq's water is taken from and sanitized, also having led to an increase in disease. With medical supplies blocked from sanctions and a devastated infrastructure, the people of Iraq are dying by scores.

The Bush Administration is now prepared to launch a full-scale invasion of the country, which will undoubtedly lead to an enormous humanitarian disaster and the risk of escalating the violence. The policies that brought the American public to horrific incidents such as the September 11th attack are being reinforced and expanded upon.

All of this is over oil. It is estimated that Iraq contains 115 billion barrels of petroleum reserves, which makes them second only to Saudi Arabia in the region. And only because of three decades of western intervention and turmoil has there not been an attempt to exploit resources in 55 untouched oil fields.

We put forth the simple principle that we, the American and Iraqi public, are not cannon fodder for oil wars! We also are willing to take whatever means are necessary to assert our rights as human beings and remove ourselves from the special interests that dominate the American state and its policies. We are no longer willing to ignore the responsibility we have in the crimes against humanity that are being committed in our name.

At the J26 march in Pittsburgh, an anarchist black bloc contingent broke away from the rally at the Software Engineering Institute and marched to the Marines Recruitment Center on Meyran St. There we smashed in the door of the office and threw paint bombs into the inside with the intent of causing as much economic and infrastructure damage to the office as possible. Glass was shattered and paint was splattered all along the inside.

Many anarchists think that the state of affairs in the US is of such that if the public is to have any rights at all, we must begin to take political action outside of the official framework. No evidence of this analysis could be greater then when George W. Bush Jr. virtually bullied himself into office. The electoral process is run and dominated by corporate interests. It is failing to be democratic in any way, and that is not only reflected in its process but also its policies. The American socio-economic system has not changed much since September 11th. And, the anarchist approach to the system has not changed much since November 30, 1999.

There is an increasingly dominant feeling within the anti-war movement that if we are going to be serious about securing human rights, here and abroad, by stopping the invasion, we are going to have to find new ways of political action. It is a privilege to not act upon the most direct means at our disposal. Many of us in the anti-war movement feel that it is also time to abandon this privilege.

Many anarchists feel that the only way to stop the invasion is to raise the domestic costs for the state to pursue it. We can do this through various forms of non-participation and economic sabotage. The Marines recruitment center has no right to exist. That institution exists primarily for the purposes of recruiting politically marginalized people into the ranks of the Marines, who then enforce the policies of America's corporate state through murder and violence. Its sheer existence is an affront to human rights.

We encourage everyone in America to refuse to participate in the invasion and find how he or she can directly change the profitability of the war. It is also vital that there is support for those who are engaged in non-participation and direct action. With these two strategies put into practice, we can potentially avert a humanitarian disaster.

The anarchist position has never been something we have been hiding or are ashamed to make public. We want social revolution. We want the creation of direct democracy in our politics and economics and the destruction of authoritarian social institutions. We stand in defense of inalienable human rights and will struggle for these principles by any means necessary.


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by jo Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003 at 4:05 PM

thanks for coming
to pittsburgh.

it was nice to see so many
people willing to take action
against the war

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by hmm... Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003 at 5:35 PM

Do yinz think the Post-G. or Trib or CP, Pulp, etc. would publish this? I think it does a lot to explain the perspectives of some of the break-away marchers. Also, has anyone noticed the rash of attacks on recruitment centers in the last few days?

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Good Idea
by R@GIte Thursday, Jan. 30, 2003 at 5:00 AM

yeah, who wants to forward this to the the Pittsburgh corporate media. They may require a name to print it but it wont hurt nothin to send it on in. I had a great time in the breakaway march yall. No arrests and no one got hurt and the marine recruitment station got fucked up. Woohoo!

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by pjd Thursday, Jan. 30, 2003 at 6:01 AM

An excellent Communique'! But you are preaching to the choir. You HAVE sent a copies to the corporate media, haven't you?

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Corporate Media
by Junkyard Thursday, Jan. 30, 2003 at 7:42 AM

I think sending this on to the Pittsburgh corporate media is a good idea... I already forwarded it on to Dennis Roddy at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Does anyone want to send this on to any of the other papers? Or post the info, and I'll be happy to do it...

One thing, though - I don't necessarily think posting this to Indymedia and other activist sites is preaching to the choir. There are many people here who either do not know, or do not agree, with more militant tactics and approaches. And I think reading something like this can be educational for them. Plus, even for those of us who already know all this, it doesn't hurt to read it.

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Send this out to the corporate media
by Deicide Friday, Jan. 31, 2003 at 8:06 AM

I think this should get to the Pittsburgh corporate media. Instead of just assuming whether or not it has gotten there, if you have a contact to them...just send it.

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Communique and Corporate Media
by Junkyard Friday, Jan. 31, 2003 at 11:26 AM

OK, I just sent this communique out to the following people and papers in Pittsburgh. If any Pittsburgh people have any more suggestions as to where this should be sent, please go ahead and send it on. Just post here so the place doesn't get duplicated.

City Paper:

News Editor: Marty Levine:
Online Feedback:

Tribune City Editor: Mark Coast:
Trib Asst City Editor - Kevin Flowers:
Trib News Editor: Sue jones -

Pittsburgh Pulp:

Geoff Kelly -


City news form on website
(Sent directly to Dennis Roddy the other day)

And also to the CMU newspaper and the UPitt paper:

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by are more fun Sunday, Feb. 02, 2003 at 10:25 PM

if they are sent on bricks rather than

(insert mischevious grin here)

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slandering the burgh
by andy Thursday, Feb. 06, 2003 at 4:24 AM

there were a couple comments posted here that had nothing to do with the communique and were simply slandering pittsburgh . . . they were hidden by the imc collective because they had nothing to do with the original post, and that is part of imc hiding policy. perhaps if you are the elitist author of those comments, who, fortunately, seems to be leaving town, you'd like to post your thoughts in some context where they make more sense.

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You've got to be Kidding
by JonUs Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2003 at 5:47 AM

This is silly.
Don't you think its a bit of a contradiction that you are for peace and yet incite violence?

God Bless,

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