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Jan 24-26th Anarchist Call To Action
by Griffin Mitchell Friday, Dec. 20, 2002 at 12:13 PM

We are tired of just talking. Our education efforts must be accompanied by direct action aimed at changing the war calculations of the elite.

Anarchist Call to Action! For January 24-26th in Pittsburgh, PA

“My mind is my general, my heart my captain, my morals my code of conduct, my body my weapon, and my comrades? They are all as I, and we are an army united in the idea that the world shall be free.”

This is a call to action to all anarchists and anti-authoritarians to come and join us for a weekend of joyous resistance on January 24-26th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That weekend will witness the largest mobilization against war in this area since the Gulf War. At the center of this convergence is recognition of the need to take direct action against war.

War is the latest word on everyone’s lips, so perhaps we should explain what war(s) we’re referring to in this call. We’re talking not just about the possible escalation of war with Iraq, not just the wars the media distract us with, but all the campaigns and acts of institutional violence and oppression that are occurring. Pundits will endlessly pontificate about when war will begin, but we are already bombing Iraq. War is already upon us in every sense of the word; the millions locked up every year by the criminal injustice system, our friends who are wounded and killed at protests, the wondrous areas of nature that no future generations will see, those who die from "sanctions", a discriminatory education system, the millions of animals whose pain and suffering few can hear from tiny unseen cages- all of these are part of this war. We are not being “led” to any kind of peace. This system is killing its way to a never- ending cycle of violence and retribution. Money and Power, those are the reasons that millions are made to suffer and die. At the center of this problem is the system of Capitalism and its corporate manifestations.

It is with these wars and the systemic reasons behind them in mind that we will gather January 24-26th in Pittsburgh. There will be the normal events that surround any convergence: Teach-ins, trainings, and educational events during the day, followed by concerts late into the night. We are tired of just talking. Our education efforts must be accompanied by direct action aimed at changing the war calculations of the elite. One of the major thrusts of the weekend will be numerous efforts to disrupt war related institutions in the area. Along with a mass march and rally, Sunday’s focus on blockades and occupations will only be successful with the support of hundreds of people prepared for this purpose that have the support of thousands of others. Sunday night will be a party to celebrate our collective success. Tactically we support the call for an active disobedience bloc at the marches and actions; however it’s important that people bear in mind the context in which each event is occurring. We must put our trust in each other that people will think carefully about when and where to engage in potentially confrontational actions. This includes we anarchists who sometimes view diversity of tactics as a one- way street that legitimizes more militant approaches but not more symbolic actions. Some of the events for the weekend are being planned for those who do not seek or cannot risk encounters with the state and we should try to respect this.

This will not be the largest convergence you’ve ever attended. It won’t be the best funded, or most watched. What it will be is an important event for us and our allies that contains a lot of potential for breaking out of the bounds ANSWER and NION have set for large anti-war events. We feel the convergence is being done in a way that breaks new ground in Pittsburgh and we hope in the rest of the country in terms of opposition to war. During the last couple months our area has been undergoing an activist transformation that is for the first time being reflected in the planning of a major local event. For the first time there seems to be broad consensus about the need for a diversity of tactics in affecting positive change. There are now solid alliances between peace and justice groups in the city. Anarchists are active in most of these local groups and perhaps the most encouraging development for us has been the solidarity that has been extended to anarchists. Of the three major groups involved neither POG, the Thomas Merton Center, nor the Pittsburgh Anti-War committee are anarchist groups, but we feel welcome at their meetings and events. The same can be said for the other groups who have begun to join this process. Our participation is being welcomed and our input sought out in determining how events progress. This has opened up a continuing dialogue in the progressive milieu on tactics and strategy. These developments are exciting and may produce a convergence that has an unusual amount of solidarity and mutual aid between groups and approaches. We anticipate that the State will escalate attempts to split these coalitions apart. We must fight against this by keeping communication open with and between the organizing groups. Most of all, we must not have inter-movement dialogue taking place via the filter of the corporate media. Personal relationships and mutual respect will hold us together.

As with any large convergence, free housing will be available.

See you on the Barricades,

Against the War, Against the State! For a society based on mutual aid and voluntary association!

From deep inside the rust belt,

Western Pennsylvania Anarchists

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a question
by local anarchist Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2002 at 6:41 PM

hello friendly neighborhood anarchists.
i am just wondering why sunday is the chosen
day for direct action. buildings are closed.
people are inside. why just protest to fight the cops?
cuz the media probably aint gonna love you/us.

seriously..i want to get excited about this.

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A lot of stuff isn't closed.
by another local anarchist Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2002 at 9:15 PM

What war related institutions are closed on Sunday that would be open on Monday in the Pittsburgh area?

SEI, Robotics Eng Ins, local corporate entities. All of those will be open for business. The war machine is in 24hr operation. We shouldn't restrict ourselves to Sunday. Friday and Saturday would be choice days for a creative action or two. This is a chance for us to make something amazing happen. Banner drops, street theatre, inspections, occupations, and everything else needs to occur. All eyes will be on Pittsburgh.......

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but still
by local anarchist Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2002 at 9:35 PM

just a concern...does sei run on sundays..
ive never noticed people around it on sunday.
i understand the war machine doesnt close
ever..and im not trying to "restict" anything..
marching around when nobody else is
even on the streets makes for a weird

im not trying to be difficult..its too late to
change now anyway because all the calls
have already gone out

i guess the challenge is to be extremely creative
and not fall back into the typical forms of
street actions that have been taking place
at the uber protests...and in the last couple
years not been so succesfull.........

i dont want to go into
anymore detail....

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sei is open
by another local anarchist Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2002 at 10:28 PM

SEI is open. I don't know in what capacity, but it is open. The way I see it changing the date wouldn't really help anything. What could anyone do on monday that couldn't happen friday, saturday, or sunday? More to the point what would you need a large street group for that couldn't be accomplished with an affinity group? I see your point about events being more effective when large numbers of people see them. I think no matter what happens all this will be a big event in the media. Being on the street is not going to be weird if there are 3000 people with you. Nothing like this has happened in Pittsburgh in decades so I don't think you can compare it to other cities. I feel the same way about uber summit protests. No summit is going on. As opposed to other things the majority of the people who come out will be local residents. I think you underestimate the need for street events. They are the glue that holds the rest of it together. The problem isn't that they happen or that they fall into the same patterns. The problem is NOTHING ELSE usually happens. It's not an either or. Beyond that I really don't see there being a lot more non-protesters out on a monday during the day then a sunday. Maybe that would be true in downtown, but in oakland? in any event creativity is key. what's the point of having a loose framework if no one utilizes it. Let's not have the same old boring thing. Bring flyers [amazingly we anarchists rarely do this, don't leave outreach to the state socialists], dress up, go door to door during the events to talk to people about it, help food not bombs, write and distro poetry, blow bubbles, write in chalk, go on stilts, be in a bloc, ride your bike, be a giant puppet, give hugs, make love, and anything else that breaks the spell. We have a whole weekend to fill up with worthwhile and creative actions.

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I agree...
by Sam Thursday, Jan. 23, 2003 at 4:57 PM

I also think Sunday was a bad day, but given the constraints we had to work with, there wasn't much else we could do. The alternative would've been to have POG and the Merton Center plan separate actions, which would've drawn less people.

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Good luck
by emotional_riot Thursday, Jan. 23, 2003 at 7:32 PM

I think it's so rad that there are calls to action from the different blocs. I wish you guys luck and RAISE THE FIST against this war!

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punk ass bitches
by usa male Saturday, Jan. 25, 2003 at 3:11 AM

come to my house in pgh and protest ill beat your punk bitch ass bomb iraq into the stone age

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by knifefightxeyesx Saturday, Jan. 25, 2003 at 9:04 AM

can we at least have sex first?

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friendly American(openminded, freedom loving capitalist)
by joaquin Friday, Jan. 31, 2003 at 9:38 PM

You, good sir have a stick up your butt. But it isn't your falt society and your family brought you up to be xenophobic, just incase that words to big for you it means you fear what different, you are afraid. Although I dissagre with right-wing people respect thoughs that argue and think. You don't, you think you've offended someone with your words, you've made us stronger, your words mean nothing, there is no message.I can't let our children become bigots like you. You are shit on the bottom of my boot and if I believed in religioun, I would say you're on you're way to hell you bad, bad man.
Joaquin, A 15 year old who shut you up!

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