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Jan 26th Call For A Disobedients Bloc
by Together Friday, Dec. 20, 2002 at 10:16 AM

text of the call for a specifc disobedients bloc to take part in the anti-war events on January 26th.

Call for A Disobedient* Bloc on January 25th and 26th in Pittsburgh

On January 24-26th a major mobilization against war will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With involvement of large and effective groups and collectives, these events represent an important step in Pittsburgh’s resistance to the wars being waged by an oppressive government at home and abroad. The convergence will culminate in a “day of action” on Sunday January 26th that will include attempts to occupy and disrupt institutions relevant to the execution of war.

The groups organizing the convergence are all in support of a diversity of tactics. They also encourage affinity groups to take autonomous actions. Without the support of radicals from our region, the day of action will not succeed. Too often, we are divided from each other in the face of well organized and violent police response.

We are calling for a Disobedient Bloc to take part in the Sunday attempts to occupy and disrupt war related institutions in the area as a specific entity. One particular focus of these events will be protests directed at the Software Engineering Institute which designs among other things weapons systems for the Department of Defense. At 1:00pm the Mass March will start from the Cathedral of Learning Lawn at the University of Pittsburgh. The bloc will tentatively be assembling 12:45pm near the corner of 5th Ave & N Bellefield Ave to join the AWC anti-war march. The bloc will re-assemble prior to the start of the direct actions at 2:45pm (location to be announced). We know full well that as the days events succeed, the state will not hesitate to use maximum violence against those participating in direct action. For that reason alone we feel it is effective to organize a specific bloc prepared to resist police violence and contribute to an effective blow against the state.

Our goals are clear: * To create “space” for ourselves and others to take effective action. * To raise the social and economic costs of pursuing current government policies * To protect the marches, occupations, and blockades from police violence * To actively discourage police violence by preparing for the possibility of it

In order to accomplish this we are asking everyone who takes part to: * Come in an affinity group or be prepared to join one. * Bring goggles, bandannas, and other defensive protection. * Remember that January in Pittsburgh is typically cold and there is a good chance many of these events will take place in snow. This could be a very big advantage for us. Snow is our friend.

In defense of the seemingly impossible,

Assorted Pittsburgh Radicals

You can contact the disobedient bloc at

*Disobedient- dis o·be di·ent adj.

1. Neglecting or refusing to obey; omitting to do what is commanded, or doing what is prohibited; refractory; not observant of duty or rules prescribed by authority; -- applied to persons and acts.

2. Not yielding.

The above has been circulating around for awhile. I took the version above off on pog's website. It can be found at please note that pog has not endorsed the call for this bloc.

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