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A Call to Action for the Pink Bloc
by Pink Bloc Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2002 at 11:57 PM (email address validated) 724-650-0621

A Queer Resistance is being organized for the January Anti-War convergence. Join the Queer Liberation Front and participate in this event's Pink Bloc.

On January 24th-26th thousands of activists from all parts of the North East will converge upon Pittsburgh to peacefully demand an end to America's imperialistic warmonger tactics. We will employ a diversity of strategies to let the nation know how we feel about the possibility of war in Iraq, or anywhere else in the world. We call upon our "leaders" to withdraw from all threatening and aggressive behaviors and to settle world differences with tolerance, diplomacy, and respect.

RESYST will be organizing a Pink Bloc for this tremendous event. RESYST is a radical queer project working to unite through the shared struggles our differences create so that we can broaden our foundation to affect positive change. We agree to "RESYST all forms of oppression make way for expression." We feel that no group should be the scapegoat for the government's racism, bigotry, or capitalistic greed, and by organizing a Queer Resistance we can speak to so many people by sharing our historic liberation. It is clear that "gay activists" are losing liberty through assimilation, marketing, addiction, and capitalism. The Pink Bloc will represent Queers all over the world who have lost faith in "the system" and believe that America was founded on the principle of life, liberty, and justice for rich, white, Christian men. You are invited to participate in this historic event.

We will organize and determine what actions we feel comfortable doing and will form or join affinity groups to maximize effectiveness. The Pink Bloc is not about separation, but rather sharing our history (as trannies, faggots, queers, dykes, faeries, genderqueers, bisexuals, omnisexuals, and more) of tragedy and revolution to other progressive groups and all people. RESYST feels that our presence will be invaluable and we wish to revive the revolution within the GLBTQueer communities. RESYST will also be hosting a workshop comparing Gender, Patriarchy, and War.

We will have housing available. Let us know if you need any special accommodations. If you are interested in joining us or learning more about the Pink Bloc please contact us at Please share this with anyone you know that might be interested or any related mailing lists you are on. If you are interested in the Pink Bloc, but can't make it to Pittsburgh this January, please contact us. CEASE (a social activist organization) is considering a national radical queer conference to be held in Pittsburgh, possibly in the Summer/Fall of 2003. There will be many buses and vehicles coming from all over the Northeast.

Thank you, Branden Dudek (724) 650-0621

Other Links: -POG is largely organizing the events and direct actions. Visit this website to get a comprehensive outlook on the planned convergence. - the Thomas Merton Center is peace and social activist organization that is planning large demonstration including members of the social and peace organizations as well as many faith based organizations. - "RESYST all forms of oppression" a radical queer group in Pittsburgh - CEASE is active in many aspects of activism focused in progressive social change. We are currently founding Pittsburgh's first progressive community center.

(Taken from POG's site, a little more detail about the events to take place, please visit their website for all official information and updates) Tactics: Since September the Pittsburgh Organizing Group, the Thomas Merton Center and organizations/affinity groups from throughout the region have been working on different elements of a regional convergence against war to take place January 24-26th, 2003 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This includes POG's organizing of a framework for large scale direct action against war as part of a larger mobilization that weekend. Groups are working together to put on a comprehensive weekend of actions and events. The events include: a large permitted rally, numerous teach-ins, forums, and other educational events, marches of all kinds, direct action, street theater, 15+ hours of concerts, a vigil, a parade procession, radical cheering and signing, dancing, various bloc's, and many other to be determined activities. If you are opposed to the Government’s militaristic policies at home and abroad there is a place for you at these events. Not everyone will want to attend every event and that's ok. Each of us can take part as we see fit. Effectiveness is in diversity. We support a diversity of non-violent tactics from flyering, vigils, holding signs on the corner, pre-announced (to the police) symbolic arrests, and active blockades. We also welcome coordinated autonomous actions. There are MANY opinions within the peace movement on what an effective direct action entails and it's likely that Jan 24-26th will reflect a multitude of these. We encourage all groups and individuals opposed to the ongoing war to open the lines of communication so that we can come together and figure out ways to have our actions work in tandem.

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