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Kim Kardashian - Watch Porn
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Kim Kardashian - Watch Porn
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Kim Kardashian - Watch Porn
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Caligula Game
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El Demomraticos Suzi
O09 7:06PM | [0 comments]

a visionary's report: our obligation to defend victims of war: the CHILDREN!
S11 2:18AM | [0 comments]

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Hundreds to Join in Second 'Longest Walk' from Alcatraz to D.C.
Greenpeace protest at local power plant
Six Greenpeace activists climbed a 700 smoke stack of the Hatfields ferry power plant on Wednesday to protest the Bush administrations policy towards clean air. Hatfield is a coal fired power plant located 50 miles south of Pittsburgh on the Greene/Fayette county line and is owned by Allegheny Power.

The activists scaled the smoke stack early Wednesday morning. Around 1pm they unveiled a 122 foot long banner with a skull and cross bones wearing a cowboy hat and saying WARNING The Bush Energy Plan Kills CLEAN ENERGY NOW. The activists remained there till 9:30pm when they began to climb down. They were arrested when they reached the bottom and were arraigned early Thursday morning. They face 7 charges which include burglary, criminal trespassing and rioting. The FBI is also investigating if they broke any federal homeland security laws as well.

[ Read More]
Wal-Mart: Coming to a Town Near You!
walmart consume, consume, consume... The world's largest retail outlet has its eyes set on another small community in rural America. With land already sold to outside developers, Waynesburg Pennsylvania's township supervisors have been approving preliminary blue prints for proposed retail industry near Interstate 79. Although the official disclosure of the proposed business identity has remained quiet, small leaks and general speculation are laden with the shadows of the Wal-Mart juggernaut.

[ [Article] Read More | Wal-Mart Watch | Summer Mobilization Against Wal-Mart ]

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