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Title: "Enough Is ENOUGH: The Death of Jonny Gammage"
START DATE: 10/12/2005
Duration: 2 Hours
Location: Oakland -- U. of Pittsburgh
Location Details:
Carnegie Lecture Hall, Homewood Carnegie Library, CCAC Allegheny Campus-Northside and Hill House Kaufmann Auditorium
Event Topic: Police/Law/Prisons
Event Type: Film/Video
Contact Name: Thomas Merton Center
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 412-361-3022
October 12, 2005: Documentary Premiere & Facilitated Community Dialogues
“Enough IS ENOUGH: The Death of Jonny Gammage”

Ten years in the making, the documentary “Enough IS ENOUGH: The Death of Jonny Gammage” recognizes the humanity of Jonny Gammage the person, as it examines Jonny Gammage the incident, the icon, the name that has become inextricably linked with the struggle to end police brutality. Who was he? What was his crime? Why was his punishment for a “routine traffic stop” death? Who were his killers and why were they not held accountable? What can we do ten years later?

It is vital that the entire, diverse community of Pittsburgh demonstrate our support by attending this very important event. Why should we be there?
• Be there to honor the memory of Jonny Gammage on the tenth anniversary of his death.
• Be there to see the premiere of this important documentary.
• Be there to support efforts to improve police training and oversight.
• Be there because you believe the criminal justice system must be made more just.
• Be there to help end racial profiling and police misuse of force.
• Be there because these incidents must stop.
• Be there to help improve police-community relations.
• Be there to kick off Pittsburgh’s activities for October 22 (see below).
• Be there to learn what’s happening in these areas and how you can get involved.

Please get the word out en masse by email, mailings, bulletins, listservs and most important, personally talking to many people and encouraging them to attend. We are all the real stakeholders in this project because it will inform and inspire efforts to improve our communities.

Please join us on Wednesday, October 12th at 7 p.m. at one of these venues. The event is
free and open to everyone.

-Carnegie Lecture Hall, Oakland-4400 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213
-Carnegie Library, Homewood Branch-7101 Hamilton Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15208
-Hill House, Kaufmann Center, Hill District-1835 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15219
-CCAC Allegheny Campus-Library 120, 808 Ridge Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15212

At each venue there will be a 15 minute introduction, screening of the powerful one-hour version of “Enough IS ENOUGH. . .” and a 45-minute community forum with Q & A conducted by local experts.

This premiere event is co-sponsored by the Thomas Merton Center and NOMMO Productions. For more information: 412-361-3022.

Why Should We Act On October 22, 2005?

October 22, 2005, the 10th annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation is the day for thousands across the country to speak out and act. Our resistance will give others courage. Pittsburgh event organized as a follow-up to the Jonny Gammage documentary premiere. There is a lot of work to do. Be a part of the solution. Our future depends on it.

11am: Gather at Freedom Corner-Centre Ave., & Crawford St.-Hill District
11-Noon: Solidarity Building Activities-Education, Art, Music, Food
Noon: Begin Marching to the County Courthouse, Downtown—Pittsburgh
12:30-1pm: Speeches and Call to Action

Contact: Celeste Taylor, 412-628-7867,