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Title: Foie Gras Protest at Lucca Ristorante
START DATE: 5/8/2004
Duration: 2 Hours
Location: Oakland -- other
Location Details:
Between Forbes and Fifth Ave, near Kiva Han
Event Topic: Animal rights
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name: Eric Jonas
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:
The CMU and Pittsburgh community group Voices for Animal Liberation will be holding demonstrations outside the restaurant Lucca to get them to stop selling Foie Gras. Foie gras is the diseased liver of ducks or geese who are force fed 1/3 of their body weight every day by having a metal pipe driven down their throat. This causes many of these animals to choke on their own vomit or die when their overloaded stomachs literally burst open. Additionally, ducks on foie gras farms are forced to spend their lives in tiny cages or pens in which they cannot engage in natural behaviors such as moving around freely or swimming. These demonstrations are part of the ongoing Foie Gras-Free Pittsburgh campaign, which aims to get all restaurants and food sellers who sell foie gras to take this horrible dish off their menus. We have succeeded in getting two places to stop selling the dish in a little over two months, and look forward to making Lucca our third success story. But we cannot do this without the help of compassionate citizens such as yourself.