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War Criminal Kissinger to Speak at Robert Morris University
"Praised as one of the most brilliant secretaries of state in United States history, Kissinger earned a Nobel Peace prize for his leadership and diplomacy skills." Henry Kissinger has also been directly tied to genocide and murders in Vietnam, East Timor, Chile, & Cyprus. Many have argued that he should be indicted for war crimes; the most recent being Christopher Hitchens in his book The Trial of Henry Kissinger.

Henry Kissinger will be [External Link]speaking in Pittsburgh on October 5th, 2004 as part of the [External Link]Robert Morris University Distinguished Lecture Series.

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Healthcare Not Warfare: PUSH and Merton Center Plan March Together
The Thomas Merton Center and Pennsylvanians United for Single-Payer Healthcare (PUSH) are joining together to hold a rally and march on Sunday, August 15th 2004 beginning at 12 noon at Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh.

The rally's call, "Healthcare Not Warfare," is meant to remind Pennsylvanians of the tradeoffs that we must make as taxpayers to fund massive wars like the war in Iraq. In addition to the humanitarian cost of war, the thousands of civillian deaths, money that goes to war means less money spent on social programs; while millions of Americans still are uninsured and lack access to quality healthcare, bombs rain down on Baghdad.

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Pittsburgh Challenges Sham Sovereignty
banner drop Commuters were greeted by a spate of banner drops today in various Downtown and South Side locations. Today marks the day that the U.S. had originally designated for "handing over sovereignty" to the Iraqis, but as it turned out they did so on Monday. Of course, tens of thousands of troops continue to occupy the country. The pictured banner could be seen on the parkway westbound.

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