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Automated Message Tells Democrats to Vote Tomorrow
From the open newswire: "Received an interesting message on my answering maching - a man claiming to be Bill Clinton reminding me to vote tomorrow... the only problem is that today is election day!" Several other voters reported the same message to the Post-Gazette.

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last update on 11/02/2004
Six Arrested at Bush Protest
8:30pm - Six people were arrested at the Bush protest on Penn Ave., near the David Lawrence Convention Center. Details to follow.
last update on 04/19/2004
US Attorney drops Ellerbe case
The US Attorney's office has announced that it has dropped the civil rights case of Michael Ellerbe, a 12-year old boy who was shot in the back by PA state police in Uniontown on Dec 24, 2002. Post-Gazette article.
last update on 12/14/2004
PAT dead, revived in 24 hours; still in critical condition
On Wednesday, Save Our Transit activisits discovered that the proposed County transit budget did not include enough money to receive state matching funds. That disaster scenario could have meant the shutdown of the Port Authority Transit system altogether. Early Thursday, a brief reprieve was granted when the County agreed to provide the funds, after a deluge of calls and planned actions at this evening's County Council meeting.

Port Authority is still faced with a shortfall in state funding that will force it to shut down several routes, eliminate all weekend and evening schedules, and increase the base fare by almost 50% to $2.50, cuts that will take effect no later than 3 months from now.
last update on 12/02/2004
Two Arrested at Emergency Protest
Two people were arrested by University of Pittsburgh Police on Forbes Avenue at a post-election day protest against war and for real change, held today in solidarity with protests around the world. [ Photos ]

The rally started with a small crowd of about 80 people at the Software Engineering Institute, but swelled to more than 200 as it became a march that winded its way through Oakland. The march lasted more than an hour.
last update on 11/03/2004

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