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Two activists held for $5,000 bail
The two activists arrested at yesterdays' protest are being held for $5,000 bail on charges of disorderly conduct.
last update on 11/04/2004
County Elections Bd Update
The Allegheny county elections board has announced it will stay open until 9:30 for folks who can't get provisional ballots.
last update on 11/02/2004
Bush protest arrests update
As of 12:20pm, Tuesday, four of the arrestees have been released Release On Recognizance (ROR), one is soon to be released. A sixth ("John Doe") is not giving his name, hence it is unknown when he will be released. The charges are disorderly conduct and obstructing traffic/public passageway; one is charged with resisting arrest, and another is charged with "using means to require substantial force."
last update on 04/20/2004
Act 47 Recovery Plan Going Ahead (again)
According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "In another surprising turnabout on Pittsburgh's budget, City Council today not only voted to approve spending cuts in the Act 47 recovery plan, but did so in a unanimous 9-0 vote."

Earlier this week a key council member had said he would change his vote from in support of the plan to opposition, which was previously assumed to be supported by a 1-member majority of the council. Two days of lobbying by the state's development secretary caused him to reverse his decision yet again, and apparently convinced the four other city-council members who had voiced opposition to the plan, which would privatize many key city services and has been compared to a structural adjustment program.
last update on 12/02/2004
Jail Solidarity
Eight people are doing jail solidarity still. 20 minutes ago cops harassed folks keeping vigil and demanded to see ID. One individual threatened with arrest if he did not leave leave immediately.
last update on 11/03/2004

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